Hi THE WORLD’S FIRST ALL-IN-ONE DECENTRALIZED Technology, Educational and Rewards Program --Designed to Accelerate YOU to the SPEED OF SUCCESS!” Welcome to BitLocity I've been introduced to the pre-launch of BitLocity, a brand new btc platform minimum buy in is $25 paid with BTC. This part is VERY important.... My suggestion would be to lock in your position in the payment matrix by opening up a free account. Doing this will be to your advantage if you do decide to become a paid member because payments are passed up. Impressive earnings video here https: https://vimeo.com/user126776652 I went on a zoom and was very impressed with the payplan. You can join the Telegram group here: www.BitLocity.info My affiliate link below: https://login.bitlocity.io/sign-up/?ref=iambitcoin https://login.bitlocity.io/sign-up/?ref=bitcoinnow https://login.bitlocity.io/sign-up/?ref=bitcoin
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