It is important to find out the fundamentals to feature a printer on Mac. Remember, if the HP printer is unable to urge connected to Mac then the Printer is transitioned or there's a problem with the USB cable connection. So as to determine a connection between HP printer and a Mac, there are specific steps to be followed. During this article, you'll get to find out the steps to feature a printer on Mac. However, we recommend you grab the technical support assistance by dialing the HP number available on our web site.

Ensure that HP wireless printers have Mac support for getting Mac support for the older models of HP printers. The present or recent versions of HP printers work fine with the Mac OS. If you've got an HP printer and you would like to feature a WIFI printer on mac then you've got to download the drivers from the HP website. Once you've got downloaded the printer driver on your Mac the printer will start to print the documents.

What are the steps to feature a printer on Mac without error?

In this section, you'll learn the essential steps through which you'll connect or add a wifi printer on mac with none interruptions. So, undergo each step mentioned below and make a connection between both the devices:

  • Tap on the “Apple” icon and choose the choice labeled as “Software update”.
  • After this tap o the “Power” choice to activate the HP printer.
  • Now, use the USB cable to attach the HP printer to Mac.
  • Tap on the “Apple” icon and choose the choice labeled as “System preference”.
  • Followed by this, tap on the “Print and scan” option.
  • Now, tap on the “+” icon and supply the admin name and password.
  • Select the HP printer from the list of the printers you would like to feature.
  • Tap on the “Add” option then your HP printer will get connected to the Mac device.

Some of the alternative steps to add a printer on MacBook.

It is important to know that the Apple Air Print may be a build-in printing solution that's available for iOS and Mac OS that gives the high-end quality of printing without downloading or installing the drivers. Remember, before you employ the Air print it's important to attach the printer to your Mac computer and therefore the network should be connected too. If you're getting a mistake saying “Air Print not working” then you would like to repair this error first. During this section, you'll get to understand the instructions to attach the devices with one another.

Just activate your printer then connect it to the network or the Mac device

Open the document that you simply wish to print and tap on the “File” tab.

After this, tap on the “Print” button.


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