Facebook is renowned as one of the social media platforms and is known for its user-friendly features. If you are unable to resolve the issue– how to see who viewed your Facebook profile, there are concerns that make any users to get worried over.  If you’re stumbling over the issue of your Facebook, this guide will you with the possible causes along with the troubleshooting guidelines.

Technical Workarounds to fix who viewed your Facebook profile

  • Open the Facebook menu and choose the drop-down icon.
  • Choose the option of Settings
  • Now, from left menu, choose the option– Apps and Websites.
  • Select the option–
  • Editnext to the app name.

Coercive Technical Measures to Fix Facebook notifications not working

  • Ensure your device is not working with any of the third-party programs.
  • Close it and then check the Facebook app notification.
  • Remove all cache and cookies data from the app.
  • If notifications still don’t appear, uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Now, finally, turn off the power-saving mode option.

What If You Need Someone to Get Help with Other Facebook Issues?

With these following guidelines mentioned, you can fix the issue of Facebook notifications not working. Hope you find it helpful!

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