Increasing sales revenue and contact are challenging to make of successful business environment. Salesforce is a good CRM (customer relationship management) tool to build a market for your business. Here, you will get to know about some training resources to master salesforce. It is very difficult to attain business targets even for the experienced representatives and sometimes they also find it very useful.

If you thought that for increasing the sales revenue you would require a skilled person or staff, then you do not have to worry about this. There is no need to hire a specialized person or to send existing employees for the long training period.

There are various resources and training programs online, which can lead your employees to acquire the skills. This article is about the top 7 training resources to master salesforce. Read this completely, if you also want to master Salesforce.

  1. YouTube:

As for the free training of salesforce management, YouTube is a handpicked best resource to start with basics. There are various YouTube channels providing specific details about Salesforce. There are some drawbacks of using those channels that there is no live session for training in salesforce management.

So it will be very difficult to encounter problems if you have a doubt about anything in the lecture provided, else it is good enough. There is no facility to provide you with any certification. You can use this resource for learning only. There are some of the good YouTube channels as, Whiteboard video, Dreamforce and many more not in any order of preference.

  1. Vet force:

This platform is to provide free salesforce training to those who are members of military services, veterans or spouses. It provides free of cost training modules on Salesforce and its management and helps you to get Salesforce certifications. There are various companies looking to hire talented veteran trained and certified in Salesforce.

  1. Trailhead:

It is the most preferred among all the training providers due to its self-paced modules, and it is all free of the cost. There are almost 150 modules to cover more than 40 trails. More than 25 projects for practising what you have learned. It includes interactive teaching and modules to train. There are also various tools through which you can implement your learning in real projects. It has a variety of certifications in its field for salesforce training.

  1. Zero to Hero:

It is also one of the preferred platforms to learn and get certified in Salesforce. They start it from the very beginning with very easily understandable content. The language they use in their modules is quite simplified. It has separate modules for beginners and for the one heading it for practice only.

If you have learned Salesforce and just want a hand on practice with it, then they are also providing this facility. They provide a free developer edition for those who are seeking to have a practice on some live projects.

  1. Salesforce Ben:

It is half paid and half free portal for the learning of Salesforce. The videos linked on this website having paid content while the written data is available with no cost on this website to read. If you have an understanding of Salesforce and looking to have some cost-free written material and experience, then you can go through this portal.

  1. The Salesforce Community:

Sometimes known as “The Community”, it is one of the best Resources to master Salesforce for beginners to experts as well. It has everything you need to learn Salesforce and get certified. It has various modules as:

  • Training module: In this module, the basics of Salesforce are provided in the form of video lectures, downloadable written content for offline use. A well-equipped training and technical support are also provided in this module.
  • Discuss module: This module solves the problems you are having when going through the on desk practice. It has a discussion panel so that you could find the best result out of it.
  • Collaboration module: In this module, a facilitated conversation takes place. You can discuss and collaborate with specialized groups that are verified by the officials. You can also create your own group to facilitate conversation. Most people used to call it “Chatter”.
  • Group Featuring Module: This module provides a facility to find the talented salesforce experts in your local region. All you just need to search for a classified group or filter your search result as per the need. You can also get some companies there who are looking to hire Salesforce certified employees.
  1. Paid resources: There are many companies subtitling themselves as the Salesforce Consultant Company which provides paid/onsite resources if you want some additional benefits of having more workshops, training sessions, practise sessions and many more. Some of the well-paid resources are:
    1. Stony point:
      • Onsite and virtual training provider
      • Paid training provider
    2. Upwork:
      • Workshop provider
      • Certified course
  • Simplilearn:
    • Online training provider
    • Paid resources

There is also another way you can search for consultants providing the salesforce training, and it is through an application. The application is “Salesforce App Exchange”. It is basically a search engine which provides the details for training providers in your nearby region.

Final words:

If you really want to learn and get certified for Salesforce, then you can find many ways to get certified. Three are various paid and free platforms you can proceed to start the career in salesforce management. Almost every organization is now leading to hiring salesforce experts or Salesforce certified employees as it becomes the most reliable CRM (customer relationship management) tool.

Many organizations have started their own training program for making their employees learn salesforce management. USP (Edemy Salesforce Program) is one of the most leading in this category. It is also visualized that after getting the Salesforce certified employees, increasing sales revenue is not a very concerning problem for most of the organizations. In simple words, we can conclude that the Salesforce certification and training is now leading with most concerns in growing organizations.