Another system is having an Animal Crossing Bells amiibo/getting lucky and using a new villager camp in your island. It's a little cheaty though. When you eventually convince them (after hours of playing that frickin card game) and they request to kick someone out, continue reloading the game (go into the dashboard without continuing the dialogue and shut the game without saving) till they indicate that the one that you need . If I'm not making sense, you will find guides online that explain this better than me

Not sure whether you understand so I hope this suggestion helps, but the simple process for moving individuals out is that every two weeks, a random villager is going to have the cloud bubble above their mind and will request to move out. If you see the cloud over somebody you wish to keep's head, do not talk to them! The bubble will not be on them the next day but it won't restart the 2 week cycle. 1-3 days later another arbitrary villager will be chosen to have the move out bubble. Just keep leaving them thinking (don't speak to them all the day) till it randomly picks the one you want to move out.

Alternatively, do talk to this villager you want and let them know you do not need to leave. They won't request to leave again for quite a very long time and somebody else will request to depart 5days later.It definitely feels dull. The villagers are obviously having an existential crisis and are having profound ideas in their location in the world and you just encounter like"Nah" and instantly they are fine it's true but so gloomy. I remember watching the trailers for New Horizons and thinking that the villagers will do so much more than before, like going around smelling blossoms and enjoying your furniture. The true game is pretty gimmicky about it, however.

The new opinions they provide you after a very long absence are sometimes pretty thoughtful, as well.

It is always alright! Largely messages about not having seen you, having missed one, or wondering how you have been. Favorable feel-good stuff, like virtually everything else that they say!

I played nonstop in the beginning, but I think June is if I have tired of the dull daily play and then just never felt moved to pick it back up again. In addition, it was pretty frustrating spending hours terrascaping my island only to have it look like shit. Lol Same I assess the stores and run back and check if Redd is there and perform the vacation things. I can not find the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells will to play it for more than that though but may get tired of other things and return.