Every year, a large number of people make New Year resolutions to make positive changes in their lives. But the question is that when most people decide to make New Year Resolutions why they fail to achieve them? They broke their resolution because they don’t have a plan of action to fulfil their resolution.

If you want to set goals for your entire year then making a New Year resolution would be a great option. But for that, you have to make a list of few New Year resolutions and then focus on each one of them. If your New Year resolution is to lose some weight and stay fit, you need to make a proper diet and exercise plan for yourself to achieve that. There are some common themes of New Year resolution which occur every year like learning new things for personal & professional development, health & fitness and improved finances.

Here is a list of 10 most common New Year resolutions:

  • Lose weight
  • Learn new skill
  • Quit smoking
  • Get in shape
  • Travel
  • Enjoy life to the fullest
  • Save money
  • Get organized
  • Spend more time with family & friends
  • Read more

Despite the best of intentions, most people struggle to fulfil their resolutions. As per the information published in the Clinical Psychology Journal, only 46% of people were successful in fulfilling their New Year resolution. It means that almost 50% of people were failed to achieve their New Year resolution. This journal also included the non-resolvers (people who did not make New Year resolutions but had a goal to achieve that year). Around 4% of non-resolvers were successful in achieving their goal which was far better than those who made New Year resolutions. Of course, we don’t want you to fail in your New Year resolution therefore we have created a list of ideas that can help you to keep your New Year resolution in 2021.



Changing your ingrained habits is not an easy task you need to be mentally prepared for implementing the change. It is obvious that your resolution may focus on the areas that lack progress but you should not forget to track the progress you have made. You can even find small reasons to celebrate the progress. This will help you to stay positive.  



If you want to stay motivated make sure that the goal you have set is only important to you. That means if you will achieve that goal it will be beneficial for you. These two things will provide you a reason to fulfil your resolution. So, you should align your resolutions around your top priorities and inner-most desires. This will develop a “must do” attitude in you. Having goals related to the career like developing professional skills, improving excel skills and others is a great way to stay motivated towards the goal.



Most people make a common mistake in setting their New Year resolution which is having too many New Year resolutions. Like they want to learn 5-10 skills and quit too many bad habits but it is not possible for a normal human being. Therefore make sure that your New Year resolutions list is short. Try to balance your New Year resolution with your top priorities.



Most people get curious when it comes to making resolutions. They are very much excited about their resolutions and in that excitement, they unintentionally sometimes set a goal that is too big to achieve. Therefore you should divide your big goals into smaller ones that can be easily achieved.  



Make sure you make a list of your goals otherwise you will easily forget them. It might sound silly but it is true as we are human and it is the human tendency to get distracted easily. If you will write down your resolutions it will always remind you about them. They also act as a reminder of what you have achieved and how far you have come.



It is great that you are writing down your resolution but if no one else knows about it there are chances that you may even ignore the written thing. So, if you will not achieve that goal no one will even notice. Now, if you will tell your goal to other people you will feel a sense of obligation and accountability. You can even create a group of people having a common goal so that all the members of the group can help each other to improve.



The good thing is that you have technology in your pocket. Nowadays, there are various apps on smartphones that remind you about your New Year resolution. You can use free tools like Google Calendar, Reminders on iOS (Set up a schedule for tasks) and Boomerang for Gmail (set reminder emails for yourself).       



Let’s not deny the fact that if you will not think about your resolution regularly you will not able to achieve that. Therefore, it is important that you review your resolution on a regular basis. If you can’t review it daily, then at least review it monthly.

We hope these 8 tips will help you to follow your New Year resolutions in 2021. Wishing you a New Year filled with lots of joy and happiness. Happy New Year!

Source: Hokosoko