Kindle is becoming a major device in people's lives and helping them to get one of a kind reading experience. A person from every age group admires the kindle because of its unlike features. When they confront the issue of why my kindle is not turning on they experience a very complex situation. Every kindle buyer once in their lifetime have face this error. However, the solutions present that can assist you to fix why my kindle is not turning on error. Once you follow the methods mention ahead you can remove why my kindle is not turning on issue.

Going for Kindle Reset

Mostly, when the kindle does not turn on, this does not mean the kindle is broken it can get stuck. When this issue happens the device gets locked and not operates correctly. 

If you reset your kindle many errors get fix. You need to press and hold power key for at least twenty seconds. Afterward, you need to choose power key and switch on device again for making your kindle work fine.

In case this error still occurs then try to hold the power key for thirty seconds. However, in many situations, this will fix the problem.

Try to Factory Reset

If kindle does not work well after going for a soft reset then rebooting it to factory settings and removing data and apps will help. For doing this, you need to click on the quick settings option and choose more device,s and afterward select reset to factory defaults. After doing this, everything present on your device will get removed. At last, you can download the purchased stuff again from amazon cloud.

Changing or charging battery again

The other regular sign behind why my kindle is not turning on it is because kindle battery is running out. For turning on kindle you must begin charging its battery. This can get done by connecting kindle with laptop or PC for at least thirty minutes. Once charging is done then try to turn it On again. If it does not work then reset it again. If kindle does not turn then this may happen due to the charger is damage or battery is broken or requires replacement. So, go for charging battery.