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Dinners on short-pull flights Condor Airlines Customer Service Usa


In the Economy Class, inflight giving food on short-pull flights (flight zones 1 and 2) is avoided from the confirmation. Regardless, explorers can peruse different nibble and supper options which can be purchased in-flight.


In the Premium and Business Class, inflight cooking is free. Explorers can peruse the transporter's decision of delicious meals early (up to 24hrs).


Dinners on extended length flights Condor Airlines Booking Number


In the Economy Class, the transporter serves free warm dinners and a hot or cold nibble (flight zones 3 to 5).


In the Premium Class, the transporter serves a scrumptious Premium supper for free.


In Business Class, voyagers can peruse different particular gourmet meals.


Meals on extended length flights Condor Contact Canada


Explorers in Economy can climb to the extraordinary menu, which offers interesting assortments of meals for youths, veggie darlings, and vegans, similarly as lactose or without gluten dinners. Upgrade costs apply. Premium dinners are free for premium and business class voyagers. Requesting for uncommon dinners ought to be made in any occasion 24hrs before flight.




Entertainment Condor Usa Number


Short-Haul Flights


On short-take and medium-pull flights (Zones 1-2), dependent upon the flight length, the transporter shows connecting with TV game plan, stories and adolescents' ventures on rooftop screens in the cabin.


Extended length Flights Condor Contact Number Canada


On extended length flights (Zones 3 to 5) with the Condor Boeing 767 naval force, an individual screen is available at each seat in all classes. Economy Class explorers can watch two movies and two TV shows in vain. Explorers in Business Class and Premium Class can value the airplane's wide Premium Entertainment program at no extra charge.




Normal client Program Condor Customer Service


Explorers with Condor can look into the Miles and More long standing clients program, which rewards ordinary explorers.


As an accessory in the Miles and More program, explorers will obtain significant miles onflights, or you can spend your miles on the nextflight you take.


Despite Economy and Business Class, the airplane offers a Premium Class whereby on significant length flights, explorers acknowledge widely more legroom and backrests with more unmistakable seat recline and singular 9-screen including premium delight and USB port.

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