If you have recently dropped your iPhone in water and it is not working properly anymore, it is natural for you to feel anxious. After all, you have shelled out a large chunk of money to make it your own. However, the good news is that, there are a few ways in which you can try and revive your iPhone at home before visiting any good centre for iPhone repair near Connaught Place. Don’t worry as these methods won’t cause any harm to your phone or make the water damage worse. And since IPhones are delicate electronic devices, there is no guarantee that the tricks listed below will have guaranteed results. But in that case, you can always consult an expert. So, let’s get started!

  • Turn Off the iPhone Immediately: Firstly, turn off your iPhone immediately after it lands in water or gets a splash. If the water has sneaked into the interior parts of your iPhone, it might damage it further. Also, do not put the device on charge at all.

  • Remove the SIM Card: Once you have switched the device off, take out the SIM card. Also, keep the SIM card tray out as it will help the drying process of the phone.

  • Wipe the iPhone: Take a dry soft cotton cloth and wipe the exterior of the iPhone properly and delicately. You can also use an absorbent microfiber towel to do this job as this will absorb the water that’s on the surface of the iPhone. Don’t panic and get in touch with a professional centre for iPhone repair near Connaught Place if you think the damage is excessive.

  • Don’t Press any Button on the iPhone: Pressing buttons on the screen may further allow the water to get inside the screen. This can only happen if the iPhone is still switched on. Hence, follow the very first step and switch off the iPhone in the beginning.

  • Allow the iPhone to Dry Up: Place your iPhone in a humid and warm place and let it dry. Keep it that way for at least 72 hours. Also, make sure that it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight during this entire time.

Is Water Damage Covered Under One-Year Device Warranty by Apple?

No, it isn’t. Any kind of liquid damage isn’t covered under the one-year warranty offered by Apple. IPhones and iPods have Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs) which will signal you in case your device comes in contact with any liquid. The indicator is usually white in colour. But when your iPhone comes in contact with water, it turns red. So, when it turns red after a sudden splash, you can either try out the above-mentioned self-help tips or get help from professionals.


If the DIY methods listed above do not work, you can always get help from iPhone repair experts. However, make sure that you do proper research before getting in touch with any iPhone repair centre near you. Do not panic. Always remember that while cheap repair centres might seem tempting at first, they might end up damaging your device further. Go through their websites online, read customer reviews, ask your friends and acquaintances for suggestions, and only go ahead with the one that seems to be the best in what they do. When you approach a centre for iPhone repair near Connaught Place, make sure to also find out if they offer warranty. This way, even if you need another repair job shortly afterwards, you won’t have to waste more money.