Whether it is for your branding, for online sales or to make yourself known to your customers, a website is a key essential element. In fact, 90% of people browse the web before they even contact a business . This is why your presence is essential and to ensure an optimal presence, it is necessary to regularly maintain its website.

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Should you be considering a redesign of your website? Here are some tips that will guide you in making an informed decision.

5 good reasons to redesign your website

Your website no longer meets your needs

In business, things move a lot, and it's important that your website can keep up. For example, due to the pandemic, several companies have had to make a 360 turn to sell online, add new products or services. It is therefore important to opt for a CMS that offers flexibility and is easily editable, such as WordPress for example. The information on your website needs to be regularly updated just like the user experience needs to be redesigned.

Your website is not responsive

It is important that your website is navigable on mobile as well as on the computer or tablet, if this is not the case, you will lose a lot of opportunities to the benefit of your competitors since mobile browsing now surpasses that on desktop. . In addition, non-responsive websites that are not compatible with smartphones or tablets are penalized in terms of their position in the ranking of search engines.

You are not well referenced on search engines

Thought you just had to get your website live to get exposure? Unfortunately, things are not that simple! You have to be ready to put effort, time and consistency to work on your natural referencing . Fortunately, this is a paid strategy, because on the first page of Google, the first 5 results generate 67% of all clicks. Google pages 2 and 3 get only 5.5% of clicks. Is your website not well optimized? It's time to fix it!

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The design is no longer up to date

Trends in web design change regularly so you don't have to always follow them. On the other hand, know that 75% of consumers pass judgment on a company's credibility when they see its website for the first time . If your site is not up to date, now is the time to act!

Your website is not optimized for conversion

If your website ranks well on search engines, is up to date, but you see little conversion results, that is, you generate little or few online sales people contact you through your website , that means there is much to think about and improve.