This year, Path of Exile 2 will release a beta version. Grinding Gear Games, as a developer, stated that it will be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The studio has now confirmed this. According to the plan, the remaining two quarters of expansion are still in progress. This year, you will not use any form of PoE2.

On the official forum, the developers said that when they announced Path of Exile 2 last year, the earliest Beta at the end of 2020 may appear. Because of the major delay in the timetable, this will not happen this year. For our league, we have always wanted to appear as close to Buy POE Currency punctually as possible. This means that the update will be delayed.

For the specific release date of Path of Exile 2, GGG has never mentioned it. Both the Beta and the full version of the game are lagging behind the room’s internal schedule. The usual quarterly expansion is also lagging behind. Harvest expansion is one week behind before.

The development cycle of the latter update was shortened because of the studio plan. Currently, the POE Currency expansions in September and December are expected to be launched in the corresponding months. Players do not need to book a time in advance, only need to more accurately confirm the release date.

Now, many other RPG games can fill in the time between PoE versions.

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