Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) - Shares of Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) hit $1.65 on Friday. How many votes you can cast depends on how many shares you own. Only when we start to probe, can we then hope to understand more. Researchers found that people whose mouse drifted toward the safe option on the computer screen-even when they ended up taking the risky bet-may be more risk-averse than their choice would indicate. 13) P/E ratios found in published sources or on the internet are always computed by dividing the next period's expected earnings into the current price of the boutiques . As Bespoke pointed out, with about 2/3 of companies having reported Q4 earnings, the earnings beat rates are above the historical average. With the latest Earning Season's reports coming in at above average clip and 10-year interest rates falling, what could investors be so worried about? stock prices are mainly driven by earnings, interest rates and the growth outlook. The combination of upbeat earnings and revenue reports this Earnings Season and cyclical leadership leads me to tilt towards a bullish intermediate term equity market outlook.


However, I remain constructive on the intermediate term trend for stock prices. If breadth continues to deteriorate, then it may be a mark of an intermediate term top. Consider, for example, this chart of the percentage of stocks below their 50 day moving average (shown in the top panel) as an example of a short-term breadth indicator (SP 500 shown in the bottom panel). I have been trading Tee Intl for the past 2 weeks and I must say that it's pretty easy to read the buy/sell Q and the minute chart since the stock had been appearing in the Top Volume for the past 9 days. I drew a blue horizontal line to indicate the level this indicator reached last week and dotted red vertical lines to show past instances when a similar level was breached in the last four years. Dr WATSON "Her PMI is slightly weaker than the last reading but apart from a bit of bruising to the FX causing some rate shock she's not in too bad a way". A positive reading indicates that there were more beats than misses and a negative reading the opposite.


The more important test for the bulls is how this breadth indicator when the market rallies. These conditions were present during the equity market run-up and bulls have shrugged off these kinds of concerns before. The latest AAII Allocation Survey (via Pragmatic Capitalism) shows that while equity allocations have ticked down, they are nowhere near panic levels. While the AAII sentiment surveys are measures of opinion and intention, the AAII Allocation Survey is a measure of investors actually did - this is a case of watching what they do, not just what they say. It is a place where investors trade in shares, derivatives and bonds. Perhaps, it's precisely because it's not part of any conglomerate that it understands what the small investors need. Below is a list of stocks to watch on Friday. Daily Finan. Bull 3X Shs(ETF)(FAS) - FAS stock took another hit Friday but managed to remain above the support level of $70.



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