On the fateful morning of March 8th2014, a Malaysian Airlines flight bearing number MH370 disappeared while flying over the South China Sea. The flight had taken off from the Kuala Lumpur airport and was flying to Beijing. The flight was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members and had been on air for about an hour before it lost contact with all modes of communication and went missing. Since then search parties from different countries have been at work to trace the missing plane but till now there is no clue about the missing flight. There are various theories abuzz about what may be the cause of the flight’s disappearance in even in today’s age of sophisticated and advanced communication technologies and tracking mechanisms, the flight is still untraceable.

In such a situation, where authorities and people concerned have been exploring every means and medium to track the plane, astrology seems to be a good option to lean on. This age old science of the stars, planets and constellations has been used effectively on many occasions to make correct predictions. Some vaastu shastra experts have claimed that the missing place would be found on or before Saturday. A noted Chennai based astrologer has claimed that based on his calculations on the current alignment of stars, sun and the planets, there are changes that the plane might be found on or before Saturday. The day the plane went missing was ashtami, the eight day from the moon which is considered to be inauspicious in astrology. In Hindu lunar calendar, days are numbered according to the state of the moon and the eight day is always considered to be inauspicious. Astrologers have also claimed that the search operations will start yielding some positive results from Thursday onwards, as this is considered to be an auspicious day, because it is governed by the planet Jupiter, which always gives positive vibrations.

Astrological predictions still give a strong hint that the plane might still be in water as calculations based on the date and time of the flight’s departure strongly suggest the influence of moon, which signifies water or water bodies. Thus the theory that the plane might have been hijacked by terrorists and taken to an unknown location can be ruled out, but it also strengthens the theory that the plane might have crashed while cruising over the water and may be still floating on the ocean.

Regarding the time of locating the plane, it might take more than a week before the rescuers may be able to locate the plane or get vital clues about it because the 2nd house lord is placed on the 8th house. Also because of the position of Saturn in the 8th house and that of Mars and Rahu on the 12th house there are strong chances that the plane might have crashed in the sea.

Astrologically the chances of plane crashing in the sea due to technical reasons is stronger that the theory of it getting hijacked by terrorists.

Even with such advance methods of technology used in search for the missing Malaysian MH370, the world is still waiting that it would return on the same run-way from where it took the flight with 227 and 12 crew members. Astrologers have their predictions, but what’s the fact behind the missing flight is still away from this world. Hope MH370 returns as the world is still waiting and praying for the safety of the people. 

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