I have seen  Animal Crossing Bells people draw him fully black on occasion, even on the offical sub here, and who get very huffy or even agressive once you point that he's not really'black representaition' because. . .he's not black? I mean I will not lie, going by how he is drawn in the offical manga I surely do not think he is just tan but like, there is a range of skin colour people.

To a lesser extent I have also seen people do it together with Xinyan. The personality who's very clearly meant to be the Chinese equvilant of a helpless nation hick (which is a sterotype in China too) and who sounds like Applejack.Yep, only the other week I watched a few crazy hot takes about just how anybody yelling about their interests/anything-not-the-current-situation during the entire American capitol catastrophe ought to be ashamed of themselves/should be unfollowed/etc. As if the entire world should halt all tweeting and perform with audience into the American political play of the afternoon. There is a true problematic expectation on twitter which everyone should both be completely aware of every minutiae of American life and be dedicated to displaying wokeness and continuous awareness... even if you're not American.

Oh god, less than a week ahead of the George Floyd protests broke out, there was in my own town a horrible episode where a disabled girl was left to perish in a horrible, tortuous manner - so awful that even the most bland and emotionally neutral description of these events disturbed me to the rest of the day.

And then George Floyd expired, in addition horrendous conditions, and suddenly that was the ONLY thing anybody was permitted to take care of. My fandom spaces that I turned to for unwinding from RL activism were bombarded with images of violence (much of it also against handicapped individuals, but this was very rarely acknowleged) and tweets basically claiming that when I didn't retweet these and call myself cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells horrible items I had been a horrible person who might also be killing them (again, many handicapped ) people as well.