In 2020, Grinding Gear Games hinted that the beta version of Path of Exile 2 will be delayed. The release of Beta has become uncertain due to COVID-19. For fans’ concerns, the developers also confirmed that the beta version of Path of Exile 2 will not happen this year.

This does not seem strange at all. The developer is very positive. The 2020 window is something that beta will miss, and that’s for sure. The emergence of the pandemic has also affected them, and their schedule has become chaotic. This situation is definitely not going to happen this year.Both the Beta version and the full release of the sequel will be affected.

Last year, they announced Path of Exile 2. The previous claims that there will be the earliest Beta test version at the end of 2020 have now also changed. Their schedule is also a bit messy, but in any case, these will not change.  The reason they do this is to enable our league to be released on time as much as possible.

In November last year, Path of Exile 2 was announced during ExileCon. On the basis of the original work, it was transformed, adding seven new actions, adding multiple towns to form a new sequel. Players can slaughter a large number of enemies here. Next year, the first game will get a beta version. Regarding the appropriate start window, GGG is not yet ready to Buy POE Orbs disclose.

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