This extends into the cinematics, where all 27 or so minutes of 2000-era CGI is being rebuilt from Diablo 2 Items the ground-up from Blizzard. And together with Blizzard's expertise in the sphere of pre-rendered cinematics going as far back as Diablo II this is allowing the team to look at those assets and reimagine them with 2021-era detail. "There is this notion of symbology which may happen to be somewhat muddy in the original edition," Rod notes in reference to the CD-ROM design cinematics found from the first release. "Having the ability to find the actual textures, the art of what that wall must look like, and exactly what the intention would have been when they were able to render it in a higher resolution -- would be great."

"It's just a much longer tail to get to what you'd call the'end game'. And pretty quickly because span things like Identify Scrolls aren't a thing because you've Deckard Cain and Stamina is not actually a thing because you have gotten enough Vitality that you simply forget about it."

It's a seemingly simple matter, pointing to the way Diablo II changes within the span of several hours -- with systems and mechanics which evolve or drift into the background. During early playtests, where the group collapsed into Diablo II, the Stamina query could come up a couple of times when some began wondering why they had been suddenly walking. When it's been a minute as you've played Diablo II, you could also be thinking'Oh that is right, Diablo II has Stamina'.

"That is the adventure you go through as you level these characters," Rob Gallerani adds. "These systems just touch everything"

Together with Diablo II: Resurrected hitting just about every platform you can think of -- from PC to Nintendo Switch to Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items next-gen consoles and the PS4 and Xbox One -- together with cross-progression service (the team isn't quite ready to talk about its strategies for cross-play quite yet), obviously you'll have the ability to command the on-screen action using a controller.