Working as a team is vital for any organization to succeed in the goals within minimal time-frame . However, all members of a team might not be performing from one office but could also be scattered in many parts of the world .


This can be really challenging when it involves collaboration including team communication, work flow and project management. There are many online collaboration tools available now which may be really handy during these times.

Even coming to office and starting our work on time also will enhance the team productivity. For this also there are many software which helps the manager to possess a track of the workers attendance and leaves taken by employees same of them are Manager's application where the manager can check out his employees attendance, leaves taken, he will also be able to manage shifts of his employee, GPS tracker if the worker is functioning on field.

Whether it's file sharing, documentation, design or maybe organized remote communication, there are specific tools which will make the work easy and more organized.

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