Players will find that the recent situation is very peculiar when they want to visit Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In order to provide more game space for the game, more design positions were added to the mid-March update. This makes the game's professional builders and craftsmen community happy.

These design slots are urgently needed by most New Horizons players. The custom design is different from the bells or furniture that hardcore devotees have already collected. It provides players with a new layer of customization and influence. In order to create dresses, floor tiles, wall panels, etc., the design made the community exist. They only have 50 slots and cover all the design is a problem that players are facing now.

Fans are scrambling to grab the 100 or more advertising spots that are now available. Supporters have been sharing cool new works on social media. Before the update, these works were impossible to achieve. Without exhausting the precious design space of the player, it can be owned now. Players can wander in well-designed gardens, trails, comic book stores and seasonal squares.

In order to alleviate this problem, players like Ness need to prioritize the most used key designs on the island, and then keep other useful codes in the file. It is important to classify each code she uses and who designed the code. It is convenient for players to use it in the  Animal Crossing Bells future, which should be attributed to each designer. Fans no longer need to be as frequent as before, only need to add design slots to take effect.

Players can spend their time developing customized large-scale ticket designs. Players can design their favorite factory trucks, comic shop logos or other gadgets. They are not limited to the ACNH Items whole interesting design. I think Animal Crossing Items are very important in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So players can buy it on a website called MMOWTS.