Before you learn meaning of blogging, let's look what is a blog?

What is a blog?

A blog is webpage which is being updated after a regular interval displaying information in reverse chronological order with the most recent post at the top.

Examples of Blog - Neilpatel, Shoutmeoutloud etc.

Now, let's see what is blogging?

Meaning of Blogging?

Blogging is the art of writing articles on a specific topic on the website published on the world wide web.


-You can start a new business.

-Helpful in personal branding.

-Keeps you up-to-date.

-Get more clients or customers to your existing business.

-It helps in SEO

-Improve your writing skills.

-Start selling digital products.

-Start selling products.

-Start doing affiliate marketing.

-Good for business blogs.

-Become an influencer in your industry.

-Blogging can be a great source of income.

-It will help in networking with other people in your industry.

-You can choose a niche and can become a niche blogger.


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