Yes, the most recent Alexa app is additionally compatible with Windows pc also as mackintosh devices.

What you'll need?
• Windows Device with top of with the most recent version of internet browser.
• Your Amazon account.


How to Setup the Alexa app on Windows?
There are two ways you'll set about with the Setup echo dot process. the primary process is thru the mobile app download and therefore the second is thru the online browser. So, to start with the method download the install Alexa app from the google play store or the apple store. Once you've got downloaded the Alexa app click on the + icon within the top-right to setup the device.

Setup and login into your Amazon account and connect the Alexa to the WiFi. Then, place the Echo device at a location which is on the brink of the WiFi and faraway from all types of physical obstacles. Now, once you've got completed the Alexa setup you ought to plow ahead with the usage. it's excellent features and functionality and one should make the simplest of the device once you've got completed the echo dot setup.

Tip: Now Alexa is Ready!! Echo Dot Setup.

- Now as you had installed Alexa app. you want to be able to Echo dot setup. Open Alexa gadget and click action button till the time blue light spark. Now blue light turns orange. connect Alexa Echo to wifi.

- In your Wifi settings, select your wifi network to which you would like to attach Alexa echo. Enter our password and click on connect. save your password.

- Your Echo device is ready for awesome Alexa skills. Now Enable or disable Alexa and add new skills as per your choice.