If you have booked a ticket from Southwest airlines but, by mistake, you have entered incorrect or wrong then, what should do? Just learn the below given Southwest Airlines Name Change rules and clear all the concepts of the name change process.

You are going to correct the name on the booked ticket of southwest airlines then, you need to follow the rules then, you may apply for the name change.

Passengers are not allowed to change their name on reserve tickets of southwest airlines but there are some conditions where passengers can change their name.

In the case of juridical or legal name change like a marriage then, passengers are permitted to change their name.

Travelers can change the only surname on the booked ticket. In case, any passenger entered wrong or incorrect name then, he/she cancel their flight 24 hours before the booking or departure of the flight time and re-books the same flight for the same destinations.

According to the Southwest Airlines Name Change policy, passengers can’t change their name in the booked ticket but, they can change their travel date, time, and flight change via Southwest airlines manage booking facility.