Bitcoin Shares manual Traffic Exchange

You'll get 1 Share for every 10 sites that you surf. As a free member you are able to earn up to 10 shares a day (for 100 pages surfed). Every day varies Satoshi earning.

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Rewards for surfing are paid automatically every two weeks (about 1. and 15. every month) when your earnings reaches 0.001 Bitcoin (100.000 Satoshi).

How Does Traffic Boost Work?

Infinity Traffic Boost is essentially a traffic exchange. You sign up for the platform, then start surfing through other people’s websites. You add your own website to the cycle, then receive views from other members of the network. It’s a traffic exchange – just like traffic exchanges that have existed on the internet since online advertising emerged.

In addition to operating a traffic exchange, Infinity Traffic Boost has a referral system. You can sell advertising packages to earn 30 to 80% commissions. Surfers earn 30% commissions, while advertisers earn up to 80%. Your commission rate is determined by your package level and surfing frequency.

In other words, Infinity Traffic Boost promises to pay you real cash (in the form of bitcoin) by surfing ads and websites in the community.


You spend at least 15 seconds on each website or advertisement, then surf 10 ads daily to earn a revenue share. You can choose to earn your income in ad credits or in bitcoin.

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Can You Actually Make Money?

Traffic Boost claims it’s free to join. However, free members seem to be fairly restricted with their options and opportunities. You’ll need to buy one of several different traffic packages to begin earning money.

It’s difficult to get realistic earnings promises for Traffic Boost. Affiliates love to promote the opportunity as a get rich quick opportunity. One affiliate claims you can expect to earn 2 BTC per month (about $14,000 USD at today’s rates) by referring 300 people to the platform. If those 300 people sign up for free memberships, then 8% can be expected to buy Traffic Package Option 5. If you maintain those rates, you’ll earn 2 BTC per month.

Ultimately, like with most MLMs, the vast majority of users will lose money through Infinity Traffic Boost. Affiliates like to lure users with promises of easy money, but in reality, it’s hard to find unbiased info about Infinity Traffic Boost available online.

Who’s Behind I Traffic Boost?

I Traffic Boost was launched by Clinton Clark and Frank Bauer early in 2017. Both individuals are known in the multilevel marketing community.

Clinton has 15+ years of multilevel marketing experience. He’s best known for being the co-founder and co-owner of InfinityPUSH, an advertising company.

Frank, meanwhile, has built websites like,, and He has 33+ years of programming and web development experience.

The two chose bitcoin for its easy international payments and low fees.