How BuddyTube will help your YouTube channel grow for more subscribers and watch-time

Growing on YouTube can be frustrating, like digging the Grand Canyon with a teaspoon frustrating. I started my channel in 2015 as a way to host video summaries of blog posts for the blogs but didn’t give much thought to the platform by itself.

It was just too difficult and time-consuming to grow a channel.

I finally came over to the Dark Side in 2018 and decided to try growing my YouTube channel to be an asset instead of just a supporting player in my online business.

I started posting videos consistently December 25th, 2017…because us crazy entrepreneurs work Christmas, and the growth has been remarkable.

  • Within six months, traffic from YouTube was in the top five sources for each of my four blogs.
  • YouTube channel Sign Up Link from 25 to 22,500 and I just had two consecutive days adding 600+ subs.
  • I’ve collected over $4,200 in YouTube advertising and $4,600 in sponsorships in the last four months.

What is BuddyTube ?

Buddytube is a research and planning tool for YouTube creators. The software connects directly to your YouTube account to give you real-time suggestions on videos, keywords, ranking and just about everything you need to grow.

By analyzing your channel and all the others on YouTube, it is able to tell you what works and what you can rank for to get the views that lead to subscriber growth.