Today you may be thinking"well, if this player just randomly receives the dragon string body, why doesn't he simply tele port out of OSRS gold the match and he'll have a free dragon chain?" The game is designed so that it will enroll any thing that any player acquires from the torso, will be removed from his stock if he renders the thieving location.

Today you might be thinking"well if he can't GET the dragon series and all he does is wait for it to be taken from him, what's in it for him?" What is"in it for him" is that whoever is trying to sneak the dragon chain body from him, neglects to steal it over three times, the dragon string can't be stolen from him and it is now his to keep. Now you might be wondering"Well if they DO get it out of him does he just walk out empty handed?"

I shall explain this in section 3. Lets say you're a participant in the thieving area. You own a bandos godsword on your stock and it may be stolen. You are watching the map for an orange dot the coach said suggests the individual that is attempting to sneak out of you. You suddenly find the orange dot appear from among the numerous hiding spots located throughout the thieving location. He runs up to you and attempts to steal your godsword. (fine enough of the narrative, today I will describe what's going to happen in this senario).

Let's say he neglects to sneak your godsword, nicely just like when you are not able to pick pocket a guard in ardougne, you will strike a certain ammount of dammage to cheap RuneScape gold him as a retort. Well I think that dealing your competitor one fifth of your hit points is a reasonable ammount of dammage. Now lets say he fails twice and in the end you've dealt a total of 74 dammage points and that killed him.