As a food printing and packaging company rep, I frequently have to explain the countless benefits of custom burger boxes. These benefits are for our clients and their customers. They help a business grow and get recognized in the mainstream market among the competition. When I met with Julie, I was expecting to meet a naïve woman. But gladly, it was the case. Julie was a lovely person who is intelligent and sharp. Although she does not have many ideas about running a burger café, she is willing to learn. When I asked her how she gets the motivation, she smiled and told me that she is a single parent. Her husband’s sudden demise due to COVID means that she has to take a stand and become financially independent to give herself and her children a better future. I remember dealing with Julie’s husband. He sent us a query three weeks before he was diagnosed with COVID. Sadly, the order of custom burger boxes never got confirmation or approval as he fell sick and passed away.

He was a nice fellow who was open to new ideas. Julie told me how excited he was about advertising his burgers through their custom printed burger boxes. It made me happy because it meant that the presentation, I gave him made sense to him. I showed Julie the same presentation and described the many benefits her business can reap from these custom printed burger boxes. Julie’s café was already offering;

  1. No dairy product burgers
  2. Grass-fed meat burgers
  3. Sloppy burgers
  4. Turkey burgers
  5. Veggie burgers
  6. Curry burger and a lot of others.

They were very popular in the city and the neighboring towns. But, after the demise of her husband, there was a general conception that the business will close down. People assumed that the quality of the burgers was going down. It, however, was not the case. 

Custom burger packaging boxes help advertise your business

There is a lot which is printed on the custom burger packaging boxes. Some of this information includes;

  1. Retail price
  2. Net weight of the patty
  3. Type of meat used
  4. Shelf life
  5. Storage instructions
  6. Re-heating instructions
  7. Warnings
  8. Ingredients
  9. Notifications (halal, kosher, sodium free, etc.)

Apart from this, some brands print their delivery and order numbers. Timings, hot deals of the week, promotional offers, combo deals, etc. are printed on these custom burger packaging boxes. As long as the box does not perish, it works as an ambassador of the respective brand.

Burger packaging boxes help establish an identity in the market


Although Julie’s burgers were delicious, she was packaging them in wax paper sealed with a personalized sticker. It did not give enough information to their customers to remember her. The sticker only had an ordering number and her logo. Using the burger packaging boxes will provide her the leverage to compete with the leaders in the industry. The design team showed her improved designs for her logo with many variations. All that her logo required was a slight improvement. I also suggested she use the embossing effect on her logo to highlight it. Julie liked the idea of using Spot UV on her ordering number so that it can come to people’s notice. This add-on added a fluid-like shine to the logo and the text treated with it.

Ordering the best custom burger boxes for burger brands

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