The date was Tuesday, February 17th, 2004. 15 years ago today. I had just returned to my corporate job after a long weekend for President's Day. I had actually been on a 3 day cruise with my wife for Valentine's Day. That was great, but something was about to happen that had even more impact.

It was time to quit my job. I had been there for almost 5 years and we had done amazing things. My team had built, from scratch, the #2 golf website in the world. However, it was time to move on.

I wasn't moving to another corporate job though, I was taking my "side hustle" full time. That business was website, my first membership website as shown in video

Of course, since that day 15 years ago, I have launched a couple of dozen more sites, done coaching and services with some of the best in the marketing world, dealt with plenty of setbacks and hardships, and managed to never have to go back to take another 9-5 job. When I left my "last job" my youngest son was 5 and in kindergarten. Now he is 20 and in his 4th year of college at the University of Chicago.

Having the freedom to work on my own business over these 15 years has meant a lot to my family. I have never missed a school event. I drove both of my sons to school everyday and picked them up after school. I even home-schooled my older son for 3 years in high school. We have been able to travel across Canada and the United States (usually by car), sometimes for months on end.

It has been an adventure, both personally and in business.

However, it hasn't been easy. I have had to reinvent my business multiple times to keep it alive and growing. I lost all my business PayPal accounts over 2 years ago, erasing all the recurring revenue we had built over 13 years. Multiple server crashes have set progress back by months, while I recovered and redid work that was already done before. The world has changed, more than once, requiring all the skills and experience I had to change with it.