You are probably thinking that another SCAM has appeared in front
of you. Wait; give 5 minutes of your valuable time. Then take action
accordingly. I bet you will fall in love with this secret sauce.
Now come direct to the point.

1. A PC.
2. A BTC wallet.
3. Autoclicker software.
4. Telegram account.
What you will have to do?
1. Create a BTC wallet like Coinbase (
2. Download autoclicker from You can also
choose yours. Personally, I use this one.

3. Download Telegram (PC/Web version) from
and create an account.
4. Open this link ( A small window will pop
up asking you to open it with desktop. Press it & you will be
redirected to the Telegram platform. Press Start. Click on
“withdraw” icon. Next write your BTC wallet address (a long code
with letters & numbers) and email address separately.

5. Now, open autoclicker.exe and set the second to 30 seconds and
rests are zero. On the left bottom corner, select your preferred
hotkey to start/stop the autoclicker. Put your mouse on “View Ads”
icon & press selected hotkey to start/stop autoclick. Check for a
minute to check whether it clicks automatically every 30 seconds. If
not, repeat step 5 again.
Now enjoy the free BTC.

Earning potential:
It depends on how much time do you run the process. While running
the autoclicker, you cannot do any other thing on your PC. On an
average, you get 0.000005 BTC per 30 seconds. You may earn it while
you sleep.


Best Regrard, 



Michael AnhVU