With a new Patch added to the Fortnite, various tweaks were made in the latest v7.20 update. In addition to such tweaks, an additional item was also introduced for players to enjoy in the game.

This new item provided players with an entirely new set of interactions for the players and has created an urge for players to become part of the snow.

Continuing with the winter based theme, this time Epic Games has included Sneaky Snowman to the game, this new item is capable of hiding the player by making them appear as a snowman.


The Fortnite is covered with a thick sheet of ice surrounding the entire map, and you can find the snowman scattered all across the field.

With the inclusion of this new item, players can change their appearance into a snowman and could be invisible from the nearby foes, as they would be unable to distinguish between you and the littered snowman on the field.

This new item can be considered as optional stealth mode that could provide protection from the surrounding enemies and squads. In addition, this new Sneaky Snowman item would also provide players with additional 100 shield.

As with the latest update, various Ice Fields also surround the map locations, and it becomes quite challenging to combat against the enemies and Fiends at the same time.

So players can opt for using the Sneaky Snowman to get away from the enemy fire while fighting the Ice Fiends; also it provides a range of new plans and strategies to combat against the other players and foes.

What is essential to understand is that various pro gamers and streamers exactly know this fact of hiding in the snow by using this item. Thus they tend to shoot at every Snowman they encounter.

This strategy provides complete Shorty of verifying that an enemy is present in disguise or not. Also, this item is unavailable while building structures, so it becomes a tricky job to assure complete safety in the Fortnite game.

It will be quite interesting to undermine the feature of this newly added item to the game as with the v7.20  update various other items have been removed from the game.

Mainly three items were unfortunately removed from the game, namely Quad Launcher, Grappler and Port A Fortress.

Hopefully, Sneaky Snowman won’t face any dilemma similar to the Infinity Blade and will be the part of Fortnite for at least this winter season.

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