Microsoft Word is the most used program for text editing. With providing the best tools for writing, it can also be used for opening many types of file. The program allows users to create and save files into various formats. And with the Microsoft Word, if you want to convert a file format into another, then you can do so. There are a number of reasons for converting a document into HTML format depends on the users. Various methods are available for converting a document. You can use online tools as well as Microsoft Word. Here both ways are given to convert a document into HTML file.


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How to convert into HTML file using Microsoft Word


It is the offline way to turn your document into HTML format. Microsoft word can change the document, but its resultant data is bulkier than standard size. Also, its file may not support in some browsers because of formatting.


  1. Locate to the document you want to convert.
  2. Right click on the document and open it into Microsoft word.
  3. Click on the 'Microsoft icon' or 'File tab' at the top-left corner.
  4. Click on 'Save As' in the menu.
  5. Open the dropdown menu of 'Save as type' in the opened save as window.
  6. Select 'Web Page/Web Page, Filtered' from the "save as type" option.
  7. Click 'Save' to save the document as an HTML file.


The file will convert into HTML format. The file converted into "Web Page, Filtered" can't be turned back into the word. If you're unable to convert or didn't find the option in the option. Then one more trick you can use to convert your document. By renaming the document, you want to convert.


To convert a document into HTML file by renaming:


You can simply edit and rename the document you want to convert into HTML file. You just need to add the extension ".htm" or ".html" at the end of the document title.


  • Right-click the file you want to convert.
  • Click 'Rename'.
  • Add ".htm" or ".html" at the end of the document name, like "FileName.html."


That's it! Online tools can also convert your document into the HTML file. Just paste your word or upload the file and tool will turn it. Online and TextFixer's converter are free and simple to use. You can browse on Google and use the tools you like.


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