Relief from chronic back pain can be achieved provided you have no serious physical injury or reoccurring illness.

Back pain is often blamed for causing poor muscle tone, especially on the affected area where the pain is felt. On average, 90% of chronic back pain sufferers are usually individuals (professionals, housewives, students, etc…) that seldom take part in an exercise regime. And the other 10% have the condition due to injury such as ripped muscles.

As we keep on saying, if you have back pain, you are not alone. Back pain the one of the most common neurological complaint that physicians diagnose in the United States, next to a headache. So it’s no cause to worry unduly should you suffer from it. Also, most back pain is not always associated with age (though age DOES have an effect on the existing back pain), more likely, it is the lack of physical activity and deficiency in the liquid intake.

Defining the pain correctly is important in order to control it. And for purposes of our definition, we categorize back pain into three categories. We have the Acute Back Pain, Chronic Back Pain, and the Neuropathic Back Pain.

Acute back pain is a common type of pain that is directly related to a damaged tissue. It is experienced immediately and characterized by a sharp, biting pain in the damaged tissue. It is generally accepted that acute back pain will last less than 3 months if left untreated. If the pain persists long after it has been healed or treated then it falls now under the classification of chronic back pain.

Chronic back pain falls into two sub-categories: pain with an identifiable pain generator and pain without an identifiable pain generator. The former obviously has a cause, such as degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis and other spinal structure problems due to injury. The latter is more a disease rather than a symptom of an injury.

As long as you have no serious physical injury or occurring illness, chronic back pain relief is very achievable. It’s all in the approach to the problem. Firstly, identify the problem. Was it just stress or a serious defunct? Don’t be too hasty in dismissing it as stress. Look for other telltale signs. Are you having the fever? Are other parts of your body hurting? If so, then look for other signs. Common culprits are appendicitis, hepatitis, and gastrointestinal complications. Next is identifying the pain type. Is it muscular or structural? Structural poses a difficult situation, you may have herniated discs. If muscular, ripped muscle is the common but usually harmless cause.

Doing Tai Chi is one effective chronic back pain relief. It promotes good posture and the meditation improves your ability to withstand the pain. If done regularly, these exercises would equate doing a good aerobic exercise, which we know is good for strengthening and easing a bad back. Bending exercises also help in chronic back pain relief though somewhat lesser inefficiency. Alternately, you could purchase a handy gadget for the relief of back pain. A TENS machine is surprisingly an effective chronic back pain relief and it is handy, portable, and quite cheap.

In summary, for quickness, use a TENS machine for immediate chronic back pain relief and consider trying exercise such as Tai Chi for the long-lasting prevention for back pain.

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