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Lack of marriage or delay in marriage such a problem comes in the life of the person due to the opposite direction of fault or constellation in the horoscope. If there is any kind of interruption in your marriage or there is a marriage-related flaw in your horoscope. If you or your family are interfering with someone’s marriage, this trick will prove to be effective for them. For this, you take 36 cloves and 6 pieces of camphor and mix it with turmeric and rice and sacrifice it to Durga. Will be resolved soon. The number of inter-caste marriages is now increasing rapidly and for this reason, it is necessary that it is necessary to get the right information and information in relation to this. Let’s read some important facts in this regard.

When two people who belong to a religion, but their castes and communities are different, then they are called inter-caste marriages. Nowadays, the prevalence of inter-caste marriages or interest marriages is increasing due to urbanization because of more and more young women And want to get married to their personal choice beyond male bonds.

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If you are experiencing problems in your marriage, or if you are unmarried and obstacles in your marriage are coming, then worship of Mother Katyini will prove to be very beneficial for you. With the blessings of these goddesses, your marriage will be filled with happiness and relations of husband-wife will also remain mellow with each other. This mother, who removes marital obstacles, is connected to the planet Jupiter. They are the goddess Devias of Praja Mandal. It is said that the Gopis worshiped the goddess to get Shri Krishna. Religion, work, and salvation is attained by worshiping Goddess. The man is fearless due to his grace. Apart from this, the prayers associated with marriage are redressed and the life of a person becomes pleasant.

Marriage Problems Solution - Astrologer Gaurav Agarwal