We Would Like To Share With You About 5 Amazing Facts about gaming

  1. Starcraft is also the first game to been played in space. Daniel Barry took a copy of the game with him on the Space Shuttle mission STS-96 in 1999.
  2. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith has made more money for the Aerosmith band than the sale of any of their previous albums.
  3. Final Fantasy VII was supposed to be exclusively released for N64, but it proved to be too big to fit the entire game in N64. It might have needed 11-15 cartridges. Eventually, it was ported on PlayStation format.
  4. Dragon Quest is so popular in japan, that it is unlawful to release the game on weekdays because that resulted in children bunking their schools and adults taking sickies to ditch work to play it.
  5. Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon, got the idea for super successful game after collecting caterpillars as a child and watching them change into butterflies.

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