Are you planning to go to the "third pole of the world"? The average height of this plateau exceeds 4,500 meters above sea level, which is a challenging endeavor for most people. The land has incredible geographical features, from rolling snow-capped mountains, frozen glaciers, sparkling lakes to traditional colored prayer flags hanging. Even the most experienced travelers will be impressed by the majestic landscape.


Unforgettable trip


The amazing land will never surprise you. The Tibetan people are as beautiful as this land. It is a wise idea to pass the facts mentioned below before you venture into this spectacular trip.


  • Tibetan Buddhism


For most Tibetans, Buddhist customs are an integral part of their lives. If you try to walk into these famous Buddhist shrines in Tibet, you will find various artistic expressions. The most famous of these Buddhist aesthetic symbols are the different auspicious symbols of Buddhism.


  • Popular festivals


The influence of Buddhist culture is very strong, so you will see the unique festivals in this area and you will not be able to see these celebrations in other parts of the world. Annual celebrations held in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. These festivals are very popular and come from people all over the world.


  • Travel permit


Traveling to Tibet is not as simple as buying a ticket and jumping into an airplane. Due to political instability, restrictions were imposed on travelers. Not only do you need an experienced tour guide, but you also need a travel permit.


  • Main Attractions


One of Tibet’s main attractions is temples and monasteries. Visitors from all over the world visit these buildings on a regular basis and they must abide by the guidelines for the protection of the holy sites prescribed by these temples.


  • Dress code


You must comply with the dress code specified in these holy places. Avoid wearing shorts and fashion. Photography about certain key sites may be limited.


  • Common dishes


Like anywhere else in the world, diet is affected by landforms and climatic conditions. Staple foods include dairy products, barley, and meat.


simple life


With the help of the Tibet Tourism Bureau, you should have a carefree experience. Make sure the travel agency you choose is reliable. You should visit this website to view their service offerings. Most of these professionals organize private tours and group tours. You can customize your itinerary at any time, but in this case, you must clearly state your expectations. Visit this beautiful land, learn the concept of a simple life from ordinary people and enjoy a peaceful life.