The fabulous inflatable doll is gone forever and now it is a surrealist silicone real life sex doll. They are made of high quality silicone and look very real, at first glance it is easy to mistake them for real people. This new technology goes far beyond pure porn toys. In addition, many of its advertisers warn customers that after trying to use a full-size silicone doll, they probably no longer want a girlfriend of flesh and blood.

When we talk about dolls that deal with human reality, we use the term doll figure, which is also the concept consciousness of man. However, when they know the effects of the assessment, they can lead to people and can not build statistical elements such as happiness, sadness or generality due to causal factors. Welfare In addition, these future doll realists or sex doll look like people who need to have such qualifications to make sure that they are hard to decide, but they will be fine and they will report.

The price for real silicone dolls varies greatly between 1,000 and 30,000 euros (or more), depending on their characteristics and how they are personalized by the buyer. Users can choose the color of the eyes or hair, the size of the breast, clothing, tattoos or cosmetics: all that is needed for more realism and a high degree of sophistication.

In addition to the conversion of machinery and daily work, it is now a reality to buy sex dolls that look like humans, or to buy porn dolls for older people outside of sex. By definition, humans are social animals, and realistic silicone dolls have not escaped this reality. Some people are more subtle than others, but sooner or later, social bonding is reflected in many actions we take every day: Buying porn dolls does not escape this logic.