Future Gen Technologies is one of the leading CATIA training center in Hyderabad providing CATIA training to the students, engineers, designers, architects because of its huge demand and limitless advantages. The main benefit of CATIA is just like several years of being the CAD package of choice for certain largest manufacturing firms of the whole world and engineering companies in multiple industries. 

Although by doing several Revit training courses from our Revit training institute, CATIA training is the added advantage in this Revit training. It builds up a very secure position in the market. Nowadays CATIA is becoming an essential tool for all types of tier1 and tier2 suppliers to those massive organizations. 

Previously, those people done the CATIA training from a reputed CATIA training institute, they were the first to get various offers as CATIA is really a powerful, robust, surfacing tool, also important tool for designing a model. Like CATIA, taking HVAC training from a prestigious HVAC training institute in Hyderabad is important. Not only the external design of a building is important, but also its internal modelling is much more important. That’s why, Future Gen Technologies is now becoming the best HVAC training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. 

In the CATIA training institute in Hyderabad, CATIA’s tools like NX, and others remain excellent and have caught up or surpassed CATIA. In n experiment, it is found that if an organization has more than 3000 engineers having more than 20 years of experience is CATIA data and momentum, and then it is obvious that no one can stop that organization to be best.  

During HVAC training and AutoCAD training, CATIA knowledge is required. It is also important to realize that, when you start looking at different tools of NX and CATIA, the CAD side of the project can be done by using the software.  For the management of product data and its documentation, collaboration, and security, CATIA is needed. 

Have you ever think that if hundreds of engineers working on all the systems along with components under a single CAD file, which heavily documented, physical interfaces defined and having envelope boundaries, it needs to manage accurately.  For all these purposes, along with the bim training course, CATIA training is also vital. 


1) Several modules for all types of modeling, incorporating electrical design as well as material testing.


2) A wide range of libraries of materials than solid works.


3) Best rendering.


4) in-built cam operation characteristics.


5) file editing is easier.


6) More precise & accurate


7) Best surface modeling abilities and tools.


Last and the best thing about CATIA is that it's been a pioneer in the civil and mechanical organizations which is tested multiple times and also proved more efficient.

The CATIA software keeps that aura of engineering, staring from becoming a massive goat rodeo is way more crazy complex than another side of the software, which is doing solid/surface modelling. So, CATIA is considered as a very important tool in the “Product Lifecycle Management” (PLM). 

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