Real Estate market is going through its worst patch with buyers sentiments turning pessimistic; sink to demonetization period lows, with maximum builders in the brink of bankruptcy. Why choose Reputable builders?

Sentiment for homebuyers searching apartments in Bhubaneswar has reached all-time lows, as per SEO engine reports.  Despite strict measures by the government buyers have slowed down their purchase and are waiting for prices to crash further. Is Real Estate a bubble or buyers are underestimating the fact that flats in Bhubaneswar are not worthy of being bought at such high estate prices. Few Builders have spoiled the market through unregularized pricing and bad customer service but on the other hand discipline and reputed builders have a bright chance to take the market share forward and deliver deserving service to the people of Bhubaneswar by delivering them state of the art flats in Bhubaneswar.

These were the supply-side challenges , now let's have a look at the demand side challenges. Finance Ministry has announced many measures focusing on affordable housing, to improve the demand for the real estate industry. But still, the demand remains subdued as the general public is feeling the heat of inflation and is strapped from free cash flow. This requires more hardship measures from the government and full implementation of RERA to instill confidence among the minds of homebuyers.

Reforms like RERA, have led to maximum builders either being bankrupt or leaving the business leaving homebuyers in the puzzle.  As a result, strong builders have become stronger and weak is eliminated out of the business.

At Falcon Crest, we build apartments in Bhubaneswar and are sure that home buyers would definitely be a part of this exciting journey with us. Home is a lifetime investment and we want it to make it special for our customers. Safety is our top priority

>Concealed wiring with branded cables

>Premium Electrical Modular switches

>DG Power backups for all apartments (includes lights, fan, and one ac) along with common areas lighting and elevators

They sell flats, we sell homes. We need a place in your heart. Falcon Group, the most Transparent, Trusted & Admired Real Estate Developer, brings to you, the most esteemed flats in Bhubaneswar at our latest  project, “Falcon CREST”, at Shyampur, Bhubaneswar

Project Amenities

A range of unique amenities that cater to your every requirement.

>Beautiful Landscape

>Tennis & Multiplay court

> Children Play Area

> Party Lawn

>Jogging Track

Home is the first and primary asset one must invest. Now eliminate, years of un-necessary house rent, own a premium lifestyle apartment at “Falcon Crest”.