Vajra Transpower, the best electrical transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad with the motive to satisfy our customers with our products to protect their electrical appliances from power surges. We also have the best research and development team that always strives in creating excellence with the latest features helpful in reducing power losses and also to save electrical appliances. We are the best power transformers manufacturer in Hyderabad to help our clients from voltage fluctuations and enhance the lifetime of their home appliances. We are at the top of manufacturing the transformers and successful in satisfying our clients. Our clients are our future and we develop such more products as per their requirements.

We also manufacture the distribution transformers, as the name itself indicates the distribution of voltages to the end-users as per the necessity. The distribution transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad includes oil-cooled, dry type and OLTC transformer. Oil cooled distribution transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad used to distribute high voltages to various end-users. This oil cooled distribution transformer is much effective in reducing power losses, reducing noises produced and also saving appliances from very high power surges.  Our products withstand any kind of impulses and stresses developed by high power surges. We fulfill the needs of our customers by manufacturing dry-type transformers ranging from 40KVA to 2.5MVA. 

Solar transformers are manufactured using latest technology equipment and also with the help of highly experienced research and development team. The best transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad strive hard in satisfying the needs of all the fields. We manufacture our products which are more reliable at a reasonable cost. Solar panels are used to store energy and transform it to various end-users with the help of solar transformers.  This is much used in the summer season as there will be more power fluctuations, so to save cost and produce power these transformers are much useful in various fields. Solar power transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad will help you to save energy and protecting your appliances from power thrusts. 

We have the best hydropower generation transformer supplier in Hyderabad which is much significant in reservoirs, dams, rivers, etc. Vajra Transpower, the best transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad are very keen on developing products as per the requirement of our customers from all aspects. We are also the best stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad which are used to protect costly electrical appliances from voltage fluctuations. This results in saving cost and power from a huge loss. Our team works very hard to satisfy our customers according to their needs. There are different types of voltage stabilizers and all are useful in protecting appliances from power surges. We are at the top and known as the best transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad. We provide unique products suitable as per the needs of the customers. We also provide all types of devices used to transmit voltages to different users in all the fields. Vajra Transpower in Hyderabad also manufactures auxiliary transformer, cast resin dry-type transformers, protective transformers and many.