We know how bad it is to live with a broken phone. Whether it is a cracked screen, a faulty battery, water- damaged phone or a broken camera. Each part of the phone has a unique function to perform. In fact, like the human body, each part is equally important and to keep the phone working smooth, every part has to function properly. The screen breaks and the whole experience of using a phone get shattered, a battery breaks down and the phone just wouldn’t switch on. The camera goes faulty and you feel what a waste the phone has become. Till now, people thought it is easier to change the phone than to get it repaired but the times have changed now. Companies like MobiGarage can offer you such convenient, affordable and good quality mobile repair services that the phone can be repaired either on the spot at your doorstep or in a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours. iPhone repair, Xiaomi repair, Motorola or any other important brand. MobiGarage provides smartphone repair services in Delhi/ NCR of more than 20 brands and 200 models.


How to book a repair then, just read below -


Step 1 – Click on this link https://www.mobigarage.com/schedule-repair.php and fill up the required fields to book a mobile repair online. You would just need to fill up the Brand/ Phone Model and the type of repair you need to move further. The price would also be visible with each type of repair that you choose. So, you would know well in advance about the cost of each service. Go ahead and book the required service. Alternatively, you can also call at 9999123511 to schedule a repair offline.


Step 2 - Once booked, the customer care team at MobiGarage will get in touch with you. They would find out about your availability and fix up a suitable time. The location can be any – home, office or any other place of your convenience. Once the day, location and time is fixed. The technician or the rider will call you to confirm his visit. If the repair is possible on the spot, the technician would visit and do so but by any chance, the repair is technical in nature and requires specialized tools and machinery, the phone would be taken to the workshop for repair and would be dropped the next day.


Step 3 – The technician would do a complete Quality Check of the phone after the repair to crosscheck the proper functioning of the phone. Once satisfied, he would hand over the phone to you.


Step  4 – Once you get the phone back and you feel it got fixed as you desired, you could make the payment. The payment can be done either in Cash or through any other mode like PayTm card/ Debit card/ Credit card etc. If the team says they can’t fix the phone, you don’t need to pay. That shows the confidence that we have on our expert team of technicians.

So, try MobiGarage once your iPhone or Android phone isn’t working properly. Will you?