"Boeing B17 Bombers won WW2 by cheating by using Child Pilots, Suppressed EM Technology, and a whole lotta Napalm"

Why did that Boeing crash? Yet again we don't get an 'ex plane' ation. Turns out Flying Fortresses have a heavy secret behind them...

Imagine you're on a Jumbo Jet airplane and suddenly all the engines stop working, what happens next? Well .... the next thing that happens is that all these bags drop out of the ceiling and you are ordered to put them on, and they make you calm within seconds or pass you out, depending on the switch hit and air-canister triggered. Why is it necessary for an airline to be able sedate airline passengers?

Consider: In all heavier-than-air jet planes (like Jumbo Jets), if one or multiple jet engines fail, only one jet engine is required stay in the air! There is no explanation yet from Boeing (or NASA) as to how Jumbo Jets can stay in the air with only a SINGLE ENGINE operating on one (not both) wings. Remember the movie Memphis Belle (1990)? Remember at the end of the movie, the B-17 Bomber was flying with only a single engine operating only one wing? Why didn’t the plane immediately drop to one side? What about the real life examples where both engines failed and the massive plane was able to turn 180 degrees and return safely to the ground? We objectively have to agree after the last few high-profile crashes that Boeing is not being completely honest, right?

Are the inventors of jumbo jets lying to the world? Well, History Repeats! So lets take a closer look...

All technological advances in Human History have coincided with acts of war. 1914 saw both the makings of a World War and the advent of small bombers like the Voisin III which was capable of carrying up to 60kg of bombs. 1938 saw the introduction of massive war ships like the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress leading up to World War II. There is no doubt that both wars were decided in the air, not on the ground.
Therefore it is logical to conclude that The Great War of the 20th century was perpetuated by international conglomerates like the Boeing Corporation.

So, how did they pull it off?

Answer: By using suppressed technology. The universe is electric in nature. Therefore anti-gravity electromagnetic aetheric technology is possible. EM is 10\^39 stronger than Earth's Gravity, which is why anti-gravity technology is trivial and simple to design, and was invented a very long time ago. The Great War exposed this technology for the first time, but built it into the planes in such a way that their own pilots and engineers did not realize it. The planes became automated with all pilot decisions replaced by machines. Thus the Boeing Bombers could be piloted by a child of any age. Using children was the only way the Allies could get (teenage) air-force pilots into the planes and send them hundreds of miles on deadly bombing raids. Child Kamikaze pilots were employed to stage the Pearl Harbor event. The idea of allied bombing raids using child pilots became the inspiration behind the book Ender's Game, where essentially an entire war is fought using children and technology. Small helicopters, stunt planes and RC model toy planes do not need anti-gravity technology to fly, but all Boeing Bombers (i.e. B17, B52) absolutely did since they needed to carry a major payload (unlimited weight) in bombs. These automated over-sized cargo bombers were responsible for over 15 million deaths during the 20th century as they dropped Napalm and other incendiary bombs over 3 thousand human cities towns and villages. Had the Allies attempted to fight WW2 honorably, they would not have used children and they wouldn't have used napalm. They Allies would have tried to convince their own adult pilots of the necessity of attacking an enemy oversees. Those pilots would be well aware of the technology by the end of the war, and would have wanted to use it to build a peaceful new world. We'd all be in our own EM Porsche HLS's today. It would have been quite different. Can you see that?

The key to winning WW2 was automation. The idea was to carry a payload of 10s of thousands of pounds of napalm, travel many hundreds of miles, and then drop the payload on the target. Anti-gravity technology + automation + child pilots was the magic combo the Allies used to pull it off. Of course we know the Germans had the same technology. What they did not have was the willingness to do to their enemies what their enemies were willing to do to them, namely slaughter tens of millions of manufactured enemies using trick technology. Saturated air bombing won The Great War. All those ruined German houses in that movie The Pianist. 67 firebombed cities in Japan. It was a long list which only got longer.
This is how we won WW2.
This is how Germany, North Korea, Japan, Vietnam and (recently) Yugoslavia were completely destroyed..
This is why you CANNOT get an aviators license without DIRECT APPROVAL by the FAA, which requires a written and oral test proving that you 'understand' (believe in) aerodynamics heavier-than-air flight.
This is why the NASA/Boeing boys club has always been so corrupted and inaccessible to women and minorities. This is why NASA is fake, created entirely in-house by Lockheed Martin and Boeing.
This is why Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) insists only jets are capable of propulsion needed for space travel, even though ion (EM) thrusters have been used in space probes since 1964.
This is why Jumbo Jets have not improved in design in over 70 *YEARS*. This is why all Jumbo Jets look identical. Jumbo Jet Terrorism (9/11) justified further locking down every airport in the world.
This explains ALL UFO SIGHTINGS. Clearly anti-gravity technology is being suppressed at a media-level. This explains CHEM-TRAILS since no human pilots are required. This is the secret the CIA was created to protect.
This is why basically everything you know about the ruinous 20th century, our darkest century.

How does one keep such an obvious secret this whole time? Any country that doesn't go along with 'the plan' gets bombed instead of airports.

By Endless War.


"By publishing their letters, the author shows that in general kamikazes were not consenting, and that the higher levels of hierarchy (none of whom was immolated) forced them take off with airplanes that only had enough fuel to reach the objective (an enemy ship), but not to return."

"As the flight was over the Aegean Sea and 100 nautical miles northeast of Athens, Greece, the left-hand engine experienced a spontaneous shut down. The crew responded to this occurrence by decreasing its altitude from FL360 to FL240. The flight continued at this altitude until landing without further incident – two hours and 20 minutes later."

Boeing routinely sedated passengers without their knowledge. Here's an example:

Boeing apparently is covering up dozens of fatal crashes EVERY YEAR.
Here's an example: nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/03/atlas-air-the-boeing-crash-no-one-is-talking-about.html
"The Recent Deadly Boeing Crash No One Is Talking About" (3rd crash in the USA last month, but no coverage)

Here's where I believe at minimum (2) #AntiGravity modules are located. All aircraft ever built have a secret location below the cargo where nobody can reach. The Modules themselves are large, circular, and flat. Within them is a rotating EM emitter which rotates counter to the earth's EM field.
This is the magic of anti-gravity, and can be easily hidden under the plane.

Rogue Boeing 737 Max planes ‘with minds of their own’ | 60 Minutes Australia

Does anyone find it weird they've been trying to sell us Flying Cars for the last 9 years? What's the prob, Bob?
"Inside Larry Page’s Turbulent Kitty Hawk: Returned Deposits, Battery Fires And A Boeing Shakeup"

Remember Kosovo in 1999 under Clinton?
"Several thousand missile and bombing raids were carried out over Yugoslavia during the NATO aggression. Several tens of thousands of bombs and missiles were dropped with a total weight of more than 22,000 tons. Hundreds of industrial plants, oil depots, power plants, and infrastructure including hundreds of road and railway bridges were destroyed or seriously damaged. A large number of historical and architectural sites and monuments were destroyed, along with hundreds of schools, universities, libraries, and more than 20 hospitals. Nearly 40,000 homes were completely destroyed or damaged."

"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity...Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do." -Ben Rich, stated during a 1993, Alumni Speech at UCLA

Aerodynamics eh?
"Roofless Boeing 737"

"Vertical Takeoff Boeing 737"

"Foreign ownership of thousands of U.S. aircraft cloaked in secrecy"

When jet engines fail, the passengers feel no drop. Just like in Loony Toons!!! (Fun fact: 6 months after I posted this article, the pilot of the Hudson Miracle Landing died. Guess I can't interview him now)
"It was a very foreign feeling - the plane actually shuddered and kind of stopped in mid-air," said one passenger.

It's the pilots fault. No it as a bird strike. No it's the software! Here's a 'patch'!
"Deadly crashes raise questions about AI automation"

You can have blind faith in aerodynamic engineering, just don't have blind faith in Boeing.
"2 deadly crashes raise questions about FAA’s close ties to Boeing"

Aerodynamics? No.
"The modification created enough capacity for a total of 60,000 lb (27,215 kg) using 108 bombs. Thus modified, B-52Ds could carry 22,000 lb (9,980 kg) more than B-52Fs"

UFO Psyop: insisting humans could never attain anti-gravity technology without the help of insect-like extra-terrestrials
"the origin of the modern UFO story seems to correspond with the establishment of the CIA"

All technological advances in Human History have coincided with acts of war.