After a prolonged slowdown of real estate sales plummeting to its recent lows in last 5 years, government of India has announced a plethora of measures to revive demand of real estate flats in Bhubaneswar and country wide, like reducing rates, increasing carpet area , RERA transparency, FDI status. But none of the measures have been able to fuel demand for people looking to buy apartments in bhubaneswar. Infact, slowdown has persisted through out the country. The problem is on the demand side, consumers are bearing the burden of increasing prices like petrol, gas, kerosene, vegetables. With the inflation rising, per capita income is taking a hit, it’s not rising as per the global standards. India is still a country where per capita income is pretty low. So at Falcon Group we have set a benchmark for ourselves where we not only beat our own high standard, but also create an employment opportunity for the young mass of the state.

We care about our stakeholders. We care about the society at large and are committed to highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance. We create jobs, help the society and also serve our homebuyers looking to buy apartments in bhubaneswar.

Some of the measures that we took to capture the market share have paid back rich dividends. We have been successful in analyzing the minds of home buyers looking to buy apartments in bhubaneswar, and have acted in their best faith, to deliver them a hassle free home owning experience.

We at Falcon Group appreciate the emotions of owning home, which is a life time investment, and keeping in mind the sentiment of the buyer searching flats in Bhubaneswar, we strive hard to build homes not houses…we cherish memories by delivering happiness.

Connectivity defines a luxurious lifestyle. With reputed hospitals, colleges and theaters, near by “Falcon CREST” is the place to be. Spacious rooms, stylish flooring and excellent amenities make this development a relish among home buyers. Designed in line with the evolving demands and flourished with the majestic grandeur and simplicity of stunning architecture, “Falcon CREST”, is all set to redefine the living style of urban Bhubaneswar, by offering the people of the state with best in class apartments in Bhubaneswar.