Fortnite has now involved the players with its latest challenges, aka winter challenges. The Challenge will disappear after the winter holidays, and thus, the chance of attaining gems and several essential items will also go with it.

The winter challenges consist of several challenges, and each Challenge consists of unique rewards. These challenges can be completed with a bit of ease; however, several players are facing difficulty in completing them.

One of the Challenges that is becoming a headache for gamers is Stoke Cozy Campfire. This Challenge requires the player to stoke a Cozy Campfire, and in return, players will get a unique winter-themed reward. Below we have mentioned a proper workaround that will guide the players to complete this Challenge efficiently. Make sure, that you follow each way and their steps carefully.

About Cozy Campfire

As we discussed above, it is one of Challenge of the Fortnite Winter Challenges event. Those players who are not familiar with this Challenge can locate it by opening the Snow lake option from the main menu. After that, they need to tap the option of Winter Lodge challenges and select the Stoke a Cozy Campfire. Players cannot locate the location of missions by using the map, so the mission of Stoke a Cozy Campfire can be found by players in nearby houses with Christmas trees.

How to Complete Stoke Cozy Campfire?

Several previous versions had also summoned Cozy Campfire challenges before, and in them, players are granted to carry Cozy Campfires to heal them during battles. But in this winter edition, the players are not allowed to carry Cozy Campfire because players need special items to carry these campfires. Along with that, one campfire can lit one time, so players should head towards the second campfire after the first gets burned.  Now, players need to locate as much campfire as they can by using maps and a hint of a Christmas tree.

After its official release, the Fortnite franchise is quite keen about celebrating festivals by including themes such as Winter or we encountered Christmas last year. This initiative of Fortnite developers is quite fascinating as it keeps merge the players both worlds together. Along with that, there is a lot of attainment of experience and gifts by completing these challenges. After players complete the Cozy Campfire Challenge successfully, they will be rewarded with Winter-themed Sweater.


Fortnite is quite eager to stun its fans as they keep on launching new and several updates. Similarly, a couple of days back, they have intrigued their fans by releasing Star Wars events, which include popular rising celebrities such as Ben Schwartz, Geoff Keighley, and J.J Abrahams. They have also added several Jedi-themed such as Lightsabers or Imperial blasters.

We hope that this blog has served your purpose, and if you are new to the Fortnite world, then you witness its gaming experience on gaming devices such as Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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