Instagram today is in the hot list of trending social media portals that multiple business houses, individuals, and small companies are using for online marketing purposes. The technology of this platform keeps continually changing so that people get the best features and updates. These constant changes must be taken care of by the users so that they can get the best out of the platform. The discussion here lists down some of the most vital and recent updates that Instagram has brought for its users.


If you are someone who uses Instagram daily for business purposes, then knowing the critical updates on Instagram is quite crucial for you. This can help you in producing more quality contents for your page by utilising every feature that the application has to offer.


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Instagram Stories Now Have Countdown Timer:


The IG stories that you create can now have countdown timer incorporated in them. This feature is hugely beneficial if you are looking to build some urgency about your post. You can also create the much-needed hype about the story that you create.


It is one of the classic forms of advertising that Instagram gifts to its users. This buzz about your story all around the internet initiates actions from the people. The marketing experts even suggest companies use this timer in their daily posts so that the public always waits with excitement to know what new you are bringing up.


Close Friends:


This feature of Instagram helps you in compiling the list of followers to whom you wish to send some private stories. Businesses can now use this feature to send a sneak peek of their latest launches or special offers to those customers who have always remained loyal to them. This feature may not fetch your number of views as it is meant only for special customers. Nevertheless, you can always buy Instagram followers from Greedier Social Media to increase your followers on the page.


Direct Message Filtering:


You may be receiving multiple direct messages daily. If so, then this feature is for you. Tap the button, and your messages get filtered, making them much more organised. You can reply to all the messages more systematically.


Using Your Stories To Share Posts:


This feature enables you to share someone else’s or your post on the IG story. Apart from this, the photo becomes a link that is clickable so that people can directly go to the photo from the story. So, if you want people to visit your feeds and take a look at your stories, then this feature can be a highly beneficial one.


Verification Application:


This is a greatly beneficial feature that Instagram brings for its users. You often find a blue check that appears beside the usernames of celebrities and artists on Instagram. This is the verification mark. Earlier, this feature was not available for the average users on Instagram. However, now if you meet the guidelines offered by Instagram, you can even get that blue check in your profile.


So, you see, there are so many useful and worthy features that Instagram has come up with for its users. One can expect many more such latest updates coming on the application in the future dates. Keeping yourself updated about these modern incorporations in Instagram can help you run business with ease and confidence.