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Severe hand sweat is not just a physical condition that can set you back in life, but also a mental one. The physical discomfort of sweaty palms that you experience gives rise to your unwillingness to interact socially. While there are many treatments in the market that are available to you, you need to know the severity of your condition to choose the right one. If your palms drip sweat, yet you have a low budget, you probably will not choose ETS surgery or botox injections. That leaves you with Iontophoresis as the last resort to stop sweaty hands.

Iontophoresis is a procedure which enables blockage to your sweat glands and hence help to stop sweaty hands. It is not a surgical procedure and hence has no surgical risked involved. The process does not lose effect over time unlike the other remedies and it is tested and proven effective with no side effects since its debut 50 years ago.

The key disadvantage of this process is that the cost ranging from 500 to 1,000 dollars per device is beyond budget for a lot of people. which ranges from 455 to 800 per device and hence may not fit the budget of everyone. However, your recourse is to make you own device. You will of course, need a clearly and concisely written guide with step by step video instructions to help you create your very own device system. The materials required to build this device is about 20 dollars, simply a fraction of the cost of a commercial one.

Check out the online guides on iontophoresis for hand sweat and find out how to stop sweaty hands for good.