Just Getting Started
The Path to $200/Day
Let's Look at the A-to-B Process
In this video I'll go over some tools you're going to need,
affiliate networks you should join, and the mentality you
will need to have to be successful with this. Check out the
video and then use the Resources below to go directly to
what you need.
Campaign Monitor
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Building a List
Getting Started
Getting Started Building a List
What You Need, How to Get Started, Building the
Lead Magnet Cheatsheet
Download Cheat Sheet
Landing Page Samples
Neil Patel
Lifestyle Business

Landing Page Tools
Unbounce (non-affiliate)
Paid Traffic
Using Facebook Ads to Get Leads
Why Use Facebook & How to Set up a Facebook Campaign
Facebook is the MOST effective paid traffic currently
available to internet marketers who want to build a list of
highly targeted, engaged users. In this video we will take a

look at why that is, and how to capitalize in FB Traffic to
build your list.
BONUS: Facebook Walk-Thru Pt. 1
Creating Interests, Audience, Adsets
BONUS: Facebook Walk-Thru Pt. 2
Creating the Ad
Using BING To Increase Your List
How to Setup a BING Campaign to Get More Leads on
Your List
BING is a great source of traffic for building your list, and
it costs approx. 10% of what Google Adwords does. You
can easily get leads for a similar price to Facebook or other
PREMIUM paid traffic options.

Tier 1 Countries
United States
United Kingdom
Republic of Ireland
New Zealand
BING Conversion Tracking
Watch on Youtube
BING Keyword Research
How to Research Keywords
Getting Leads From SOLO Ads
SOLO Ads USUALLY Suck - But If You Use My Strategy, It
Works Pretty Great…
SOLO Ads usually get a really bad wrap (at lot of times it's
deserved) for having poor quality traffic, but when you do

things correctly, SOLO ads are actually a great source of
cheap traffic.
Udimi Network
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Free Traffic
Getting Free Leads from Instagram
How to Setup an Instagram Account to Get Leads onto
Your Mailing List
Instagram has the HIGHEST levels of engagement from
followers, and it's one of the only platforms that will promote
your brand for free. Check out this Case Study to see how to
use Instagram to grow your list
FREE Canva Photo Editor
Empire Growth Case Study Account
See the Account HERE
Get PAID to Build Your List on Fiverr
What's Better Than Getting Paid to Build Your List?
Fiverr is an exciting platform to buy and sell services for
low prices, but by building the right kinds of gigs you can
get a VERY targeted audience of buyers to make the jump
from the Fiverr platform onto your list
Using a Joint Venture to Grow Your
Using the Power of a Strong JV Partner can EXPLODE
Your List in No Time At All
Growing your list via Joint Venture is the most intimidating
strategy to get more traffic, but it's probably the most
effective in terms of speed and quality of leads. Learn how I,
as a product creator, would find value in working with
someone who wants to grow their list.
Brainstorm Ideas
Download Questions to Brainstorm
Choosing Affiliate Offers
Promoting Current Affiliate Offers
How To Find PLATINUM Affiliate Offers With The Highest
Chances of Conversions
This video will show you how to navigate through
WarriorPlus+ to find the highest quality (PLATINUM) offers

that are likely to give you the best sales, commissions, and
least refunds.
Platinum Offer Checklist
Download Checklist
Jumping Onto a Pre-Launch
How to find a Decide Which Pre-Launch Offers to Promote
Pre-Launch campaigns are often the most profitable, since
you can ride the hype-train all the way to the bank. In this
video, I'll show you the best characteristics for jumping on
the products that are most likely to succeed.
Launch Calendar
Email Content
Getting Started
Getting Started
How to Write a Great Sales Email
Introduction to the 4-Steps to Great Sales Email
There are 4-Steps to writing an effective email, the bait,
hook, reel, and catch. Understand the intro to the 4 rules
before completing each individual lesson
Subject Lines & Spam Filters
Most Subject Lines SUCK, and Never Make it Into The

Most Subject lines are garbage anyway, but some good ones
actually end up in the junk/spam/promo folders because the
people who write them don't know the rules about GREAT
subject lines - after this video you won't be one of them.
Subject Line Checklist
Download the Checklist
Subject Line Samples
Download 10 Subject Line Samples
64 Power Words
CopywriteMatters - LINK
438 Blacklisted Email Terms
Automational - LINK
Writing The All-Important HOOK
Between the HOOK and the Subject Line, Your Work is
50% Done

The HOOK is the first line of your email, it needs to capture
the imagination of your audience immediately. In this video
we will explore the 5 techniques to writing a great hook and
WHY they are such powerful techniques.
5 Hook Cheat Sheet
Download The 5 Hooks
Writing the Body of the Email
The Reel, or Body of the Email, is the Least Important Part
- But Still Has an Important Message
Many people spend the MOST time on the body of the
email, and it's just not necessary. Your sales will come
based on the quality of your subject line, hook, and close.
Even so, we can't send an email with only 4 lines - so they

body needs to connect the beginning and end together
How to Close the Email & Get The Click
Your Close, or PostScript, is Usually the Most Read Part of
the Email After the HOOK
The close needs to bring the final hook into play, and tie
together the body of the email, the subject line, and the first
hook in the first sentence. A properly written close with "seal
the deal" and get that all important click onto the salespage
My Affiliate Email
Download my Full Affiliate Email
Campaign Setup &
Overview: Watch THIS
If You Don't Watch This You Might End Up Wasting Your
This video is surprisingly important, I'm going to be
recommending two tools in the next two videos and if you
DON'T want to pick up the wrong tool then take 3mins to
watch this!

Campaign Monitor Setup & Automation
In This Video I Will Show You How to Automate Your
Affiliate Emails with Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor is the best tool I recommend for
marketers with a small list, or NO list at all who are working
with a tight budget. In this video I will show you how to
create your automation to get those emails out to your list!
Campaign Monitor
Sign-up (non-affiliate)
Pretty Link
301 Redirect Plugin (free)
Market Hero Setup & Automation
In This Video I Will Show You How to Setup and Automate
Your Affiliate Emails Using MarketHero
MarketHero is the ULTIMATE recommendation for using
this strategy, whether you have NO list or a HUGE list. The
cost can scare people off, but in this video I hope you can see
why I recommend it so heavily. You can also start a free
2-week trial (no, I'm not an affiliate)
Market Hero 2-Week Trial
Sign-up Here (non-affiliate link)
LIVE Case Study
LIVE Case Study
Watch me Send the Email we Wrote in The Training out to
a SMALL List of 500 Non-Buyers
In this case study video I'm going to show you how I made
over $400 on auto-pilot by sending out to 500 people (150
normal subscribers, 350 SOLO ad subscribers) and how
over $400 came back to me on COMPLETE autopilot…