Step 1:

  1. First Create an Affiliate Acount on W+ ( WarriorPlus).
  2. Request Affiliate Approval and Get Affiliate Account from W+.
  3. Choose Product/Affiliate Offers to Promote.
  4. Go to and Search W+ Offers on Muncheye launch Calendar. You Can Also Use W+ launch Calendar.
  5. Choose Upcoming Releasing Products which are about to Release in 2-3 days.
  6. Then see the Product Details/Info and Decide to Promote.
  7. Then Submit Affiliate Request on W+ for That Product.
  8. Now We’re ready to Promote and get Sales.

Step 2:

  1. We are Planning to Get The WORLD Best Buyer Traffic for Absolutely Free.
  2. Well’s Rank Keyword “Product Name + Review” on Google in just 3 Minutes using My Secret System.

Example: Product name: “Titan Traffic Viral” Then We’ll Rank for Keyword “ Titan Traffic Viral Review”  o google.

  1. People Will Search for Review of those Product and Get our Post Ranked on Google. That’s it.
  2. We’ll Get Traffic + Sales


No need of any website – I’m showing Everything What You have to Do.

We’ll Use’sWrite Story” Option to Write Our Product Review Article.


Step 3:

  1. Create Account on
  2. Then Write Story as form of Review Article.
  3. Write an Easy Review Article base on sale page of that product.
  4. If You don’t Know, Then See some W+ Product Review Article by others which are rankes on google, You’ll get The Idea.
  5. Article Title Will Must be “ Product Name Review” Ex -

Titan Traffic Viral Review

  1. After Wreting Review Article, We’ll Public Our Article, That’s it.
  2. Now We’ll Rank This Post for Our Keyword on Google in 3 Minutes.


Mark or Copy The title of The Article and Url Of The Article.




Step 4:

  1. Open, and
  2. Now submit The Ping Request for this Article/Post to Those 3 Pinging Sites.
  3. After That Go to Google Crawler for and Submit the URL of our Article. You have to Sign in to Google Account Befor Use This Service.
  4. That’s It ! We’ll see our Article Will Rank within 3-5 Minutes.

Step 4:

  1. Now our Article is Ranked and Ready to Grap Highly Buyer Traffic through that Article.
  2. But If we’ve not Attached Any Affiliate Link in our Review Artile.
  3. Once Approved for the Affiliate Request of that Product, Get that link from W+ and Attach to our Review Article by editing Our Midium Story/Review Article.
  4. That’s it.
  5. It will Take Maximum 10 Minutes for Everything to Rank a Product Review Article from W+
  6. My Recommendation to do it for minimum 2-3 Products a daily. It’s a matter of 30 Minutes Work.
  7. You’ll see coming sales within 7 days. And Day By Day Your Incom Will Increase at a Dramatic ration.
  8. This is a Proven Secret. If You can Do It. You’ll make Money as I Said.
  9. Now Everything Dependends on You.
  10. If you have any Questions regarding This, Please feel free to Contact Me.



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