Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the software provided by nuance dragon to convert your spoken words into text that saves your time and work. Almost every user is well known with dragon naturallyspeaking software, but do you know how to use this software and what to speak and command over functions? If 'NO' or YOU ARE NOT SURE, then this blog is for you where the dictation commands will be covered up. 

Basics Of Dictation –

Dictating to nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking is similar to dictating a person. At first, you need to connect the microphone to your computer and start the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Then you can begin speaking or Dictating commands. Here are the correct powers to control your work and computer functions.

  • · To start the text software, say OPEN or Start (software name). For example, Open Notepad, Start M. S. Word.
  • · To start the new paragraph, say "New Paragraph".
  • · To enter the words, speak a sentence.
  • · To start a new line, speak "New Line."
  • · If you want to enter punctuation like "!", speak the name of punctuation mark like an exclamation point. If you don't know the mark name, then you can enter it from the keyboard.
  • · To enter the symbols, speak the standard name of the symbol. Like if you want to enter "®", then say the name 'registered sign.'
  • · Say cap <word name> "or" cap next <word name> to type any word with an initial capital.
  • · If you want to keep and keep not space in between words, then say 'no space off' and 'no space on'.
  • · To enter Arabic numerals 1,2,3 or Roman numerals I, ii, ii next, speak 'numeral' or 'Roman numeral' respectively.
  • · In case you want to appear any text in the list, choose it. Like "Choose 3". If necessary, you will need to type the word.     
  • · Speak OK once the work is completed.


Dictation For Numeric / Number –

Nuance dragon naturally speaking has no special commands for number, but you should dictate the commands for numbers;

  • · If you want to choose any number between 1 to 9, then speak 'Choose (number).' For example - choose six.
  • · To select a number from the list and edit the box and change the text, say 'Select (number), Edit (number), and modify (number).
  • · To choose the specified number of characters, say 'Select last or next (number) characters.'
  • · To move the text insertion input, speak 'Move right or left (number) characters.'
  • · If there is no previous section and you want to select the line of text, then say 'Select That.' Also, you can delete the similar text by commanding 'Delete / Scratch That'.
  • · To reach the top or end of the paragraph, command 'Go To End/Beginning of Line'.
  • · To enter any number, speak its name like Four, one hundred fifty-nine, two-three nine, Oakland California 99077.
  • · For roman number entries, speak roman numeral (number). Like if you want to write MMIV, say 'Roman numeral two thousand four'.

 Dictation For Correcting Words –

To correct any text using the NaturallySpeaking software, you need to follow one of the below commands;

  • · Speak 'Correct that'.
  • · Speak 'correct (words or selected text)'.
  • · Press correction hotkey, generally the Minus key (-).
  • · You can choose the correct item from the list. Otherwise, you can directly speak out the right word to replace the old one.
  • · To correct the text, words, or anything else using a keyboard can be the best option. It will save you time. 

For other actions like bold, underline, you can directly dictate the command like bold (text), Italicize (text), Underline (text), Capitalize (text), Cut (text), Copy (text), Delete (text) and more.

nuance dragon has designed the best and user-friendly software to save your time. So use the smartest way to create files without wasting time.


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