The man behind the famous self-driving car venture, Anthony Levandowski, has accepted his crime of stealing trade secrets of Google. The news has been proclaimed by Reuters that stated that Mr. Levandowski, who was once a key factor behind the self-driving program of Google, has agreed to plead guilty. They added that while working for Google, Levandowski stole various secrets of Google, including their trade furtive.




Soruce:-“Anthony Levandowski” Self-driving Car Engineer Pleads Guilty to Stealing Google Trade Secrets


Although, Google has already filed a case against Levandowski after sharing its trade secret with Otto and Uber. Levandowski, who was once considered as a key figure in enhancing the popular self-driving car program for both Uber and Google.  Levandowski, who has been found accused of stealing Google secrets and later used them in increasing Uber self-driving venture, has already led to a major loss to Uber. The conflict resulted in paying more than 244$ million by Uber to Waymo in 2018. Waymo was the subsequent company for introducing the self-driving car program under Levandowski and Alphabet Inc.

According to Reuters, Anthony Levandowski would be sentenced to more than 30 months in jail. The case against Levandowski is proceeding on under criminal offense of secret trade theft, and the proceedings for it is going on in the office of the US Attorney General in California. Although the case went on from the past four hearings and in the post one, Levandowski confesses about his crime, but he denied to submit any relatable documentation that can prove his crime. The first hearing against Levandowski began in post-August, in which he was charged for secret trade theft that includes more than 14,000 files. The major conflict, in this case, is to use the trade secret of Google for setting up Otto and then Uber.

A plea agreement had been offered to Levandowski, who has been charged for 33 cases will be free from the remaining 32. After his confession, the agreement has been made, and now Levandowski is only charged under one case of Fraud. In his confession, he said that he had downloaded a vital spreadsheet of Waymo before leaving Google. The plea deal also stated that the crime by Levandowski had been committed by him in his full consciousness and without any pressure or offer by anyone.

In an interview, the spokesperson of Waymo said that today in the hearing, Mr. Levandowski pleads guilty of his crime. He added that they had tried their best to protect their property, and now they have finally won. Levandowski, who has been found guilty after his own confession, will be sent to more than 24 or 30 months of prison. The sentence will be proclaimed by Attorney general in the next hearing, however. Levandowski, who has accepted his crime, is still denying to pay 179 million$ to Google by saying that he is facing bankruptcy.

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