I have fond memories of playing PSO Episode I & II with my brother. At some point we played just about every day after school and raked down the Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta street in among our neighbors. They soon picked up their own copy, and then weeks of trying to find rare weaponsthey arrived home one day and discovered their younger sibling inadvertently spilled their memory card. They moved shortly after that and we've lost touch. Wherever they are, I hope they are just as excited for PSO2 as we are.

Nothing was confirmed by phil. He explained it might come to other programs, which means it's a timed private, therefore PS4 and maybe Stadia if it is not dead by then, however the Switch is going to be a different case for the West. The Switch variant in Japan is cloud based, and the west does not have any of those Switch cloud games, so bringing PSO2 to Switch will require them to actually port it, which might take a long ass time, and may just be a port of their Vita version, or worst case not be flashed in any way.

With the success of Monster Hunter and Dauntless, I really don't see why PSO2 won't do really well in the West, even if it's"seven years too late, Sega". I know we've all hated having to wait this long, but honestly, with the success of Monster Hunter and Dauntless, I really don't see why PSO2 won't succeed. It ages. It's battle I find greater than Monster Hunter and Dauntless (Different strokes for different folks, but the most decisive thing concerning Monster Hunter for men and women who can not get into it's the battle ).There seems to be a growing urge for action combat loot grinding games, and now I think PSO2 is better than Dragon Hunter World and Dauntless. Form of carries the best of both worlds. I know it's a debate in these matches aren't"truly" MMORPG's and have tagged as such for promotion reasons or as you see a lot of players in lobbies, but I see a whole lot of memes around PSO2 being late, but I honestly think it will do well in the West.

I mean that PSO2 is P2W by definition of this sub? It should be a very successful game if indeed they do begin with articles JP is at least very close. One of the very best actions MMOs on the market infact. I believe success will be dependent on how much of a pass the western neighborhood provides it with regards to their P2W mechanics. Not that they lock you out of anything Phantasy Star Online 2 is perfectly playable but gear progression could be affected significantly by paying money.

Lots of manners for me to count, and also a lot that I forgot but simply to mention a few: You can purchase extra character slots around 20, you receive 3 for free. Each character can do weeklies for money so its money per char. So lets say you get 2 mil a week from 2-3 quests, then multiply that by how many characters you own. Easy money, if you have the cash. It's possible to use money currency to open [AC scratch] which is similar to gachapon, you open and also have a opportunity to receive cosmetics or really powerful things you may use when affixing (slotting) equipment or boosts for updates and several other misc items that affect gameplay. These items can be sold for a great deal of cash on cheap meseta pso2 player shops so there's that as well, easy money making with cash.