Video Games are one of the most consumed entertainments of all time. It is continually growing since the digital devices came to existence. Initially, there were retro games and classic gaming consoles. When video games launched first, they were hardly enjoyable as compared to modern days video games. These days most gamers use Windows installed computers to play their favorite titles. However, PCs are likely to freeze sometimes when users install or run too many applications. It can be hard for gamers to manually optimize PCs’ performance so that their games can run flawlessly.



The PC game boosters programs are used for rocketing your device hardware and software. These are created to provide to smooth gaming experience by reducing the excess load on RAM, hard drive, GPU, and other components. Some of the game booster applications might not fulfill your goals and requirements. Therefore, we have some selected software that is remarkable in performance and provides excellent gaming. No matter whether you play high resolution or low-end video games, these applications can significantly boost overall PC performance. Let’s get in.

1. Game Fire 6 Pro

It is a premium video game booster for Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. The program offers top-notch quality service and functions to ensure an incredible gaming atmosphere.

It uses an intelligent system that controls which background services, processes, programs, and features are to be temporarily turned off during the gameplay. This program does not stops all necessary services on its own, which can put you at risk. Instead, it presents you with the list of all programs and services that you can disable to get maximum power output for your games.     

2. WTFast

In case you play online games or video games that use the internet, then this game booster is made for you. WTFast ensures that you get sufficient internet resources and speed while playing online games.

It not only makes your internet perform optimally with games but also enhances response time from your cursor to screen as online gamers experience this issue. It reduced the lag and other problematic things while playing an online game.

3. Wise Game Booster

It is one of the best free PC game boosters in the entire world. It works perfectly on Windows 10 enabled PC. It is much simpler and easier to access when compared to other complex game booster software. It enables users to disable needless programs and background services to speed up your PC.

4. Razer Cortex: Boost

It is one of the widely known game booster software for Windows 10 users. It allows you to shot down the application and running services for the period when you play your game. It frees up your computer RAM, CPU, GPU as well as other parts of your system.

5. GameBoost

GameBoost is one of the games boosting programs for Windows 10 that is loved by its users all around the world. It enhances not only your gaming speed but also connection speed. Besides all that, it also optimizes computer refresh rate, CPU, screen drawing, and other aspects. It is indeed one of the best solutions to keep the performance of your system to its peak.

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