If you are a UPSC candidate and dream of becoming a future civil servant in the prestigious civil service of India, you must move forward with rigorous self-discipline, proper planning and the right leadership. In this article, you can choose from 10 UPSC training institutes in Hyderabad.

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Details Of Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. Address, fee structure, Batch size, all information provide Top IAS Coaching

These centers are ranked by the value of their faculty, reputation, teaching materials, teaching methods, public opinion and finance.

10 best institutes for UPSC coaching in Hyderabad

  1. AKS IAS Academy in Hyderabad

Details Of Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. Address, fee structure, Batch size, all information provide Top IAS Coaching.

AKS coaching institute is the renowned coaching center for IAS preparation in Hyderabad. The AKS is quite famous among IAS aspirants in Hyderabad.

Why AKS coaching is famous between IAS aspirants?

01. Closely Monitored Progress

02. Post Course Support

03. Mentorship

04. Strategic Planning

05. AKS make aspirants ready to take on any challenge

06. Innovative & Unique Learning Methodology

07. Dedicated & Experienced Teachers

Contact details: House.no:1–10–240,Lane beside Muthoot Fincorp Limited Sub-Registrar Office Road, Street Number 1, RTC Cross Road, Hyderabad, Telangana 500020

2. Analog IAS Academy in Hyderabad

Analog IAS Academy is one of the most popular IAS institutes in Hyderabad. Analog IAS has come a very long way with branches in Bengaluru, Hyderabad : Indira Park, and Hyderabad : Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad : Madhapur, New Delhi, Vizag, Guntur.

Apart from world-class infrastructure and facility, there are a few things which make Analog IAS Academy stand apart from other IAS institutes in Hyderabad. For instance, the institute has launched a mentorship program with the help of which the institute brings the selected alumnus and current IAS students together to help students gain excellent insights about how the past students succeeded in clearing the UPSC exam. It also organizes interaction with a number of senior IAS officers to help students get a better perspective.

Contact details: Hyderabad : Indira Park

House No: 1–2–288/32, 1st Floor,
Indira Park ‘X’ Road, Domalguda,
Hyderabad — 500029.



3. Brain Tree IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Brain Tree IAS Academy is one of the oldest IAS coaching centers in Hyderabad. The institute has an impressive track record of facilitating students to join Central, State and All India services.

Brain Tree IAS Academy offers courses for all the regular papers as well as anthropology and public administration. Regular tests, audiovisual aids and lectures by serving and retired Civil Servants are some of the reasons that differentiate Brain Tree IAS Academy from other UPSC Institutes in Hyderabad. On average, the institute is known to have at least 20–25 candidates who succeed at every civil service examinations.

Timings: 8 am to 9 pm

Come find us at

3–6–432, Level-3,

Velma Bhawan, Himayat Nagar Road,

Hyderabad, Telangana 500029.

Website: http://www.braintreeindia.com

04 RC Reddy IAS Study Circle IAS Hyderabad

The RC Reddy IAS Study Circle IAS faculty is comprised of a number of well-experienced teachers, as well as educators, and administrators. RC Reddy IAS Study Circle IAS focuses on creating a good learning environment for students to ensure they have dedicated, capable, knowledgeable and imaginative faculty. Over the past few years, the institute has achieved 60% -70% successful results in UPSC’s Mains and Prerequisites exam. Since its inception, over 150 of its students at APPSC have been selected under many different categories.

Contact details:

05 The IAS Mentors Hyderabad

Run by the team of experienced people who enjoy exceptionally good in preparing students for IAS, SSC and Bank PO, IAS Mentors have taken the step in the field of IAS training institute in recent years. The IAS Mentors Institute not only took a step back, but made its presence felt in the IAS training institute. This is justified by the analysis of the results of the last years. The IAS Mentors Coaching Center changed the lives of many students a few years ago.

Contact details:
House No 1–1–664/B, 1st Floor, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad — 500020, Opposite Canara Bank

website : www.mentorsias.com

06 CSB IAS Academy Hyderabad

The IAS Institute targets and practices a complete student-driven educational approach.

They offer module-based classes that explicitly focus on the latest prospectus and CSE examples

They have a group of solid and highly talented instructors

They use innovation extensively in educating, including the use of computerized sheets

There are visitors’ addresses by prominent individuals from the organization, both at the place of business or through video conferencing

There are regular weekend tests and replacement progress surveys